Best Paint Colors for the Exterior of a Small House

Choosing an exterior color for your home can be a difficult task. You must think not only about the exterior of your home but also the interior. If the colors are too similar, it can lead to a not-so-good visual experience.

If you’re looking to buy paint for the exterior of your small house but are unsure what color to purchase, this is the post for you! Here we will explore various paint colors and their pros and cons.

The Basics of Choosing Colors

First, you must choose colors within the same family. These colors should be chosen based on how they look together. When choosing colors, you should use common sense. 

Make sure you choose colors that are complementary and that have similar colors in them. For example, choosing a light blue accent color for green can be complementary because of the blue in the green.

You should consult with painting contractors. They will better understand what colors go best with others. They can also help you pick out the color schemes.

What Exterior Colors make a Small House Look Bigger

When it comes to exterior painting for a small house, it’s important to use colors that will look beautiful in the full spectrum of lighting. There are two basic ways to accomplish this goal:

  1. Pick colors that will make your home seem bigger than it is. Sometimes these may not be aesthetically pleasing options for a small home. But they tend to give an illusion of spaciousness in a way that more natural colors don’t.
  2. Pick colors that will complement your home’s exterior materials. For example, a brick house should use darker colors, while a wood house should use lighter colors.

 No matter what material you use, different shades of paint compliment each other. However, there are some general tips to keep in mind when picking out paint for small houses. Let’s take a closer look at both options.

1. Make Your House Look Bigger Than It Is with Daytime Colors

Darker colors tend to recede into the background when the sun goes down. It leaves lighter colors to jump forward. If you’ve got a small house and you want it to look bigger, try using white or light-colored walls for the exterior. For this, you can use off-white paint.

Then, use one of the two basic daytime color schemes: yellow-green or white-blue.

The yellow-green scheme is a popular choice for small houses because it creates the illusion of a bigger house without making it look fussy.

In theory, it might make sense to use white walls for an exterior paint job on a small home. It would look impressive in daylight hours and softer in the evening.

This combination works only if you have a lot of light. It might look great for a house on a public street. But it works much less well for painting the inside of a small home where the owners don’t want natural light to come in.

A white-blue paint combination is more subtle and less obvious than yellow-green. But it can also make a big difference in your home’s appearance at night.

The walls will look closer in color to white than blue, but the blue will still peek through. It’s a great choice for homes with a lot of nearby trees or homes located on a street or neighborhood that is always filled with people.

A white-blue paint combination is the safest way to give your home the appearance of being larger without becoming too obvious about it. 

Contacting a painting company can also help you find the right colors that work well with your house.

2. Bring Your House’s Exterior to Life

You needn’t feel that your small house exterior is doomed to dull existence. You can use color to bring it to life, too! 

There are two basic techniques for doing this:

  1. Choose colors with a lot of white or lighter colors in the spectrum – especially whites and blues. These will brighten your home and make it feel closer to a larger, more spacious home.
  2. Choose colors with many black or deep shades – especially black and dark hues. These will help give your home the illusion of distance on the horizon. These will make it seem even larger and more open than it actually is.

What Are the Most Used Colors for Smaller Houses?

You’ll find many people in small homes who are painting their house each year. But they are not all aware of the options available to them.

The most commonly used colors for small houses include:

  • Grey
  • Sage or Hazel Green
  • White
  • Off-White
  • Blue 
  • Light Blue 
  • Barn Red 

These colors work best in houses with neutral colors on the inside, like white or light gray. They can also be used in conjunction with other colors. 


Choosing colors for a small house exterior can be difficult at times. You have to be very careful about the colors you choose because colors are so important for the overall visual experience of your home. If you’re unclear about what colors will work in your little home, contact an interior designer.

If you have any questions on exterior paint color selection, don’t hesitate to contact your painting company.

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