8 Ways to Get a Tropical Decor Vibe in Your Home


The best way of turning a house into a home is with its furniture. The way you decorate your home will determine its ambiance. Instead of breaking the bank for high-value furniture, consider using sustainable tropical warm wood. If you like the natural wooden look, you may also go for fresh tropical flowers in your home. No need to feel restricted here, because they contrast well with each other.

Bamboo, rattan, wicker, mango, and teak are such examples of warm wood. Rattan and wicker are known for their durability and can be perfect for either indoor and outdoor use. This will give your home a luxurious yet straightforward tropical feel. 

Using painted furniture may not be such a bad idea either. There are various colors to choose from. Whether you prefer a dark or light color, the choice is yours. You will be surprised by the traditional pop of coastal-inspired themes brought further with color. This style is both fun and elegant as it exposes the wood furniture that reflects well on tiles and walls. A Colorful chandelier could be brought to the mix or can be used as a stand-alone in a minimalistic room. 

It’s all up to you. How can you incorporate the furniture into your bedroom while sticking to the theme? You ask! A tropical style headboard Pairs beautifully with crisp white sheets and pillows. This will invite an element of tropical style and uniqueness into your bedroom.



This beautiful fruit is known for its classic heat island themes. The pineapple exudes warmth and hospitality, creating a welcoming scene in your home and a fantastic way to bring the tropical theme to your living space. Its vibrant organic color brings nature indoors and helps transform your home into a peaceful exotic resort giving it an undeniably appealing look. Yes, all this can be achieved with a simple ornament or tablecloth.

Tropical Motif Leaves

The variety of green leaves are perfect for that tropical element in your home. A single large leafed plant can make all the difference and change your living space from plain to unbelievably beautiful. A tropical theme without plants and motif leaves isn’t complete. There are many to choose from. Areca palm leaves, banana palm leaves, and fan palm leaves are just a few to the endless list. The beauty about these leaves is that they work very well with other various styles. Try to create a blend between tropical motif leaves and your favorite patterns. Also, consider adding orchids, birds of paradise, and bromeliads.

Palm Trees

If you’ve always wanted to feel the spring and warm weather, why not make your living space fun and joyful with some palm trees. A single plant can completely change a place´s energy. The deco becomes tropical the moment you use palm trees.  

Your palm tree in a pot plant at the entrance will scream welcome home before you can even utter a word to your guests. If you aim for a tranquil atmosphere, get a picture of a palm tree, add a frame to it, and put it up. 

Bringing warm energy into your home doesn’t always refer to the actual tree. The desirable theme can be evoked with pictures frames, tablecloths, and even backdrops. Patterned lines with green leaves from the palm trees match well to create that simple spring vibe.



Sun, surf, dinner plates, wallboards, and pillows are accessories that one can use to get patterns to settle in with the tropical theme. Incorporate the bold vibe by mixing pink with green patterns. 

It’ll be very cool yet different. For the longest time, patterned fabrics have always been paired with rattan chairs, and the set has always worked amazingly together. To achieve the retro charm, you could effortlessly mix old and new trends. This could be done either with curtains and cushions of similar patterns or even accessories purchased at an antique store or an auction house.

The Garden

A fun and playful mood is everybody’s favorite setting during the summer. You can never go wrong with the idea of creating an oasis with green tropical plants. If you wish to add some color to your garden, consider wicker garden furniture or a tropical patterned canvas. For an extended outdoor colorful setting, add tropical patterned pillows and a big green plant in your garden or patio. The view of the large green leaf will create an impressive forest vibe.


Paint your house with white and add plenty of personality with cute accessories and watch your home come to life. Many accessories can help transform the theme of your entire living space, such as.

  •  Beach hats
  •  Model ships
  • Nautical flags
  •  A Peakean bird
  • Tree branches on the wall
  • Galvanized ice cream tubs
  • Décor covered in seagrass.
  • The island-inspired coconut shells
  •  Picnic basket as storage to enhance warm summer outdoor vibes
  • Frame pictures of either a swimsuit or anything that shouts Island to you.
  • A cute rug that deliberately mismatches the furniture
  • Seashells are perfect for home accessories. They transfer the sea air and shoot sounds of waves wherever they are situated. These will instantly transport you and your visitors to a seaside location far, far away.

Be Bold

Be bold and start your own thing. Start with simple applications. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and let your personality shine through the house, set your own style for the chic tropical look, or go bold with colors. Something as simple as patterned panel pictures and plants is enough. 

You can use simple changes effectively by supporting them with bold colors and don’t shy away from your yellow, green, or even turquoise. A modern twist could be using shades of the same color—for example, the brown family, mocha, ivory, beige, and khaki. Play around with the greens, olives, pines, and sage. Don’t be afraid to blend between red and pink or yellow and mustard. Playing with colors often requires minimal to no art. Stunning color surroundings suggest trendy without going overboard.


While you may not live in an ideal tropical paradise, It’s time you created the Island in your own home. A dreamy house with a touch of softness can be achieved when you work with these themes and ideas. Your home will look and feel alive, tropical, and beachy with a fresh, exotic neutral touch of class. 

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