8 Customizable Options to Consider When Choosing a Range Hood

If you’re looking for a new range hood for your kitchen, a copper range hood is one of the most sophisticated and customizable types. You’ll be able to design your range hood according to your exact preferences and have artisans craft your kitchen’s new focal piece from scratch. Customizing a range hood is easy. You just need to make selections on a website, and you’ll have a prototype image of your exact design rendered for your final approval.

Consider CopperSmith and other companies that make copper range hoods with the following customizable features:

1. The Range Hood Type

Depending on your needs, you can choose range hoods that work for home kitchens, commercial kitchens, or outdoors. If you have a ductless system that will filter and recirculate air back into your kitchen, ductless range designs work best for that.

2. The Range Hood Mount

CopperSmith range hoods are available to wall mount, under counter mount, or to mount above a kitchen island. Many designs are available in both wall mount and with an extra side for kitchen island mounting.

3. The Range Hood Style

Choosing the style is the most important part of customizing your range hood. Styles include artisan bell-shaped designs, more modern triangular designs, and classic flared designs. CopperSmith hoods exist in many eclectic styles, so you’re sure to find one that meets your kitchen’s aesthetic.

4. The Range Hood Size

Because copper range hoods are handmade, you get the distinct advantage of measuring a range hood exactly to the specifications of your kitchen. You won’t need to look for something standard that doesn’t quite fit between the cabinets. Your range hood will fit exactly as you need it.

You’ll want to ensure that your measurements will fit the minimum clearance height from the stove for whatever design you choose.

5. The Finish Color

CopperSmith hoods come in a wide variety of colors, from metallic coppers, silvers, and pewters, to red, green, and blue hues. You can truly choose your favorite color for your kitchen.

6. The Finish Texture

You can also choose the texture of your hood, from smooth metal to matte and snakeskin and pebbled finish.

7. The Embellishments and Accessories

Some CopperSmith range hoods will have embellishments like pot rails, straps, rivets, and crowns. You can also customize the color of these embellishments to be different from the main finish.

8. The Insert Fan

Once you’re confident in your beautiful new piece, you’ll need to choose an insert fan. You should choose the power of your insert fan based primarily on the width of the ducts in your exhaust system.

Purchase a CopperSmith Range and Get Exactly What You Want

When you purchase a copper range hood, you are guaranteed to get exactly what you’re looking for. You can order color/texture samples to view in your kitchen, build your range hood online, and have artisans build it exactly to your specifications. It will then arrive for delivery directly to your home for you to install and enjoy for many years to come.

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