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3 Favored Trends in Window Design and What to Expect


‍The world of interior design is constantly changing. New trends and technologies always emerge, and designers are always looking for ways to make their designs more appealing to modern consumers. One trend that has been making a splash lately is the rise of window design. With natural light being such an essential factor in any home, it makes sense that designers are exploring ways to incorporate windows into their designs more practically. 

Installing windows costs money but is easily the most cost-effective addition you can make to your home in terms of energy efficiency, passive heating and cooling, ventilation, sunlight access, security, privacy, and aesthetics. In this article, we’ll explore some of the latest trends in window design so you can stay abreast of what’s coming down the pike and what to expect if you’re planning to build or redesign your current windows.

Water-Walking And Shower-Heading

It is a trend that is sure to get some attention. The idea of water-walking is to create a continuous walkway along the length of a window using either a water-repelling rubber membrane or floating plants to create an outdoor space inside your home. Plants are an excellent way to decorate your home and add greenery while reducing your water bill. If you want to install a water-repelling rubber membrane, you can get a custom-cut solution to fit your windows. Showerheads have become increasingly water-efficient in recent years, and several options are now suitable for use in your home.

Privacy Panels And Louvers

Privacy panels and louvers are a great way to create a custom look in your windows. Privacy panels come in various styles, colors, and materials and can be installed on single and double-hung windows. You can also easily install louvers on all windows or contact this San Francisco windows company to install them to control the amount of sunlight entering your home.

Solar Shades And Blinds

Solar shades and blinds are two different options for creating a custom look in your windows that operate using solar power. Solar shades come in various colors and materials and operate using a motor that pivots the fabric around the window. Solar blinds come in various colors and operate using a mechanism that allows you to control the amount of light entering your home. Both blinds and shades are easy to install and operate using minimal power, making them an excellent option for homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills.

Bamboo, Turf, And Creeper Siding

Bamboo, turf, and creeper siding are growing in popularity, particularly in warmer climates where they can add a natural touch to your home’s exterior. These siding materials are suitable for use in both new construction and remodeling and are easy to install.


With so many options for customizing your windows, it is essential to know the trends and developments coming down the pike. This article has provided an overview of some of the new window design trends and some of the products currently available on the market. This information can help you make informed decisions regarding your home’s windows and exterior decor. If you are an SF or Bay Area resident, you can contact Save Energy Windows and Doors for more information.

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