HealthWorried about an ex-partner ruining your marriage? Astrology can...

Worried about an ex-partner ruining your marriage? Astrology can help!


Have you ever been involved with someone who had children from a previous relationship, and the ex — the children’s other parent — becomes a continuous unpleasant presence in your relationship?

Being in a relationship with the custodial parent of a broken family can be challenging (whether or not you bring your own children into the connection). When your spouse and their ex have an abusive relationship, it’s not uncommon for parental difficulties, legal issues, and emotions to flow into and damage your relationship.

Indeed, such frustrations and disagreements have led to the dissolution of relationships. That being said, this outcome is not necessarily required.

While it is ideal to have a casual relationship in which everyone gets along. The terrible reality is that this relationship requires careful navigating, especially if you live with a custodial parent.

Here are the number of tips for dealing with a relationship in which your partner’s disagreement with their ex is affecting your relationship:

1) Stay Calm and Open to Communication. Your partner’s problems with their ex should be kept between them. Suppose your ex notices you are taking on a parental role with their children. In that case, even if it is only participating in parenting conversations, the situation may become confrontational and cause tension in your relationship.

Your partner is the one who must negotiate a connection with the ex. Still, you only need to be involved in their process if it is asked and agreed that having you play a parenting role would be helpful.

2) Assist Your Partner. It’s not simple for your spouse to raise children, work, and deal with their ex emotionally and maybe legally while also attempting to have a healthy relationship with you. Being excellent support to your partner — listening, assisting with the kids, and so on — can help your partner cope while also strengthening your connection.

3) Make time for bonding. If your partner is preoccupied with difficulties surrounding their ex and your relationship is slipping down the priority list. Take the initiative to organize meaningful time together – dates, dinners, fun activities with your partner, and possibly the children.

4) Don’t parent the kids (if not the step-parent or long-term domestic partner). It might be very tempting for some adults to pretend to be a parent, especially if they live with children. It’s usually preferable to avoid assuming a parental role unless everyone agrees. Otherwise, it could lead to hatred from the children and a dispute with the ex. Although problems with your partner.

Having your own distinct relationship with the children will aid in establishing limits and avoiding confusion. The kids must know that you’re a safe and supportive person but that they already have their parents. If the youngsters look to you as a parental figure, don’t hesitate to emphasize your role with them, so they understand.

5) Don’t Forget About Yourself. A relationship with a parent comes with its own set of obstacles. While it’s crucial to recognize that these difficulties are unavoidable, it’s also critical that you’re happy in your relationship. It’s OK to be helpful, but you’re not signing up to be your partner’s carer for their ex’s problems. Discuss your relationship with your partner. Couples counseling and individual therapy for both of you may be beneficial in your situation. At times, the easiest thing to do is talk to astrologers.

The high-conflict ex will do whatever they want. Only you have power over how you conduct your share of the relationship. While you are unable to reconcile your partner’s worries with their ex-spouse. The more you grasp the boundaries of your relationship, the better your chances of successfully avoiding any long-term ramifications of the high-conflict ex.

Expert astrologers can offer the free astrology cures listed below when reviving estranged relationships.

  • Fasting to please Lord Jupiter can assist married couples in improving their communication skills.
  • Married couples might also free birds from cages to bring harmony into their lives. Saturdays are the best days to accomplish this.
  • Extramarital affairs are directly tied to Venus. In this case, astrologers recommend fasting on Friday.
  • It improves your marital life and keeps your partner loyal and honest.
  • Placing a happy, smiling photograph of yourself and your spouse in the east wall of your home will greatly improve your positive feelings and rekindle your passion.
  • The blessings of Lord Shiva help married couples live a happy life.

Astrologers can provide a variety of astrological strategies. You can always choose to chat with astrologer and easily avoid disagreements and conflicts. Getting the appropriate advice in the right way is critical for turning a tense relationship into a calm one. Get Astrology cures and learn how to make your marriage pleasant and your lover faithful.

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