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What all you need to know about the medicational treatment of acne?

Medications are essential when it comes to curing a specific problem or disease. If you want to get rid of diseases and problems you are facing, then you should take proper medications and treatments; otherwise, you are just wasting your money if you are not making sure proper intake of medicines and tablets that your doctor prescribed you. Similarly, in acne, medications play the most significant role in curing your skin problems. Therefore, you should book an appointment with your dermatologist. 

If you don’t have a dermatologist, then you can rely on acne treatment singapore. They will suggest proper medications and treatment to treat your skin problem. Acne medications firstly work on reducing oil production, swelling and treating bacterial infection. After that, it is a time taking process to clear up your acne completely. If you have tried several non-prescribed acne products for several weeks and months and they have not worked, then you should consult your doctor about prescription-strength medications.  You should get diagnois from a reputed skin clinic like CLEO clinic.

A dermatologist can help you in :

  • Controlling your acne.
  • Avoiding damage and scarring to your skin.
  • Making scars less noticeable.

The treatment recommendation is according to your age, acne type, and severity of the acne. You should have an appointment with your doctor every three to six months until you see the skin improvement. Also, it would help if you talked about the risks and benefits of medications of the treatment you are considering. Now check out the type of medications provided by doctors for skin problems:

Topical medications-:

  • Retinoids and retinoids like drugs-

Doctors often recommend those drugs that have retinoic acids or tretinoin for moderate acne problems. These drugs come in the form of creams, lotions, and gels. For example tretinoin (avita, retin-A, etc.), adapalene (differin) and tazarotene (tazorac, avage, etc.). You can apply these medications in the evening, and you have to begin the use three times a week if you don’t want these you can try liposuction melbourne

Then, after a while, you can apply it regularly when your skin gets habitual. These kinds of medications help in preventing the clogging of hair follicles. One thing you should remember is that do not apply tretinoin at the same time as benzoyl peroxide.

Topical retinoids result in increasing your skin’s sun sensitivity. They will result in causing dry skin and redness. But you can avoid such after-effects of medication when you consult with professionals like acne treatment singapore as they provide the best medication with zero side effects.

  • Antibiotics-

You all are aware of antibiotics. Dermatologists recommend them for treating skin problems like acne and pimples on the skin surface. The working of antibiotics includes the killing of excess skin bacteria. In addition, reduce the redness and inflammation caused by bacteria under and over the skin. 

You can use both retinol and antibiotics for the first few months of treatment by applying antibiotics in the morning and retinoid in the evening. The antibiotics are commonly combined with benzoyl peroxide to reduce the likelihood of developing antibiotic resistance. Topical antibiotics are not suggested alone.

  • Azelaic acid and salicylic acid-

Azelaic acid is produced by yeast which means it is a naturally occurring acid. It is the acid that has antibacterial properties. A 20% azelaic acid cream or gel is as effective as various other conventional acne treatments when used two times a day. 

Moreover, azelaic acid can be prescribed to pregnant ladies and breastfeeding women. It can also treat the discoloration caused by some acne. The professional dermatologist of acne treatment singapore also recommends azelaic acid-based products for curing acne problems.

Nowadays, You may have seen products that are based on salicylic acid. As people are getting aware through education and other ways about the application of salicylic acid, companies started mentioning the addition of salicylic acid in their packaging to sell their products to the consumer. 

So if we talk about the use of salicylic acid, it helps prevent the clogged hair follicles under the skin. So you can find products like face washes, serum, toner, etc., which have salicylic acid, and doctors recommend their patients to use products based on it.

Oral medications-:

  • Combined oral contraceptives-

The food and drug administration (FDA) has only allowed four combined oral contraceptives for acne therapy in women who also wish to use them for contraception. They are the products that result in combining estrogen and progestin. You may see the beneficial effects after a few months. Some doctors recommend combining oral medications with acne medications for the first few weeks.

  • Isotretinoin-

 Amnesteem, Claravis, isotretinoin, etc., are derivatives of vitamin A. Your dermatologist may prescribe it for people suffering from moderate acne problems. In addition, it is prescribed to those people whose moderate acne does not respond to other types of treatments.

  • Antibiotics-

For moderate to severe acne conditions, it is recommended to take oral medications like antibiotics, which help reduce the inflammation caused by bacteria. Commonly it has been seen, the first choice to treat acne is tetracycline, a macrolide.

 Macrolides can be an option for those people who can not take tetracycline. It includes people like pregnant women and children under the age of 8 years old.Oral antibiotics are prescribed for fast recovery in a short time. Usually, dermatologists combine antibiotics with other drugs like benzoyl peroxide for better results.


Some people go for therapy instead of medication because they find it hard to use tablets and creams to treat acne. Suppose the problem is severe, then dermatologists prefer therapy with medications. Otherwise, severe problems can get treated with therapy.

  • Light therapy-

doctors will use a variety of light therapies to treat acne problems by identifying the type and condition of your acne.

  • Chemical peel-

It is a procedure in which repeated application of a chemical solution is made by adding salicylic acid, glycolic acid, and retinoic acid. It is a mild treatment for acne. So if you are looking for the best therapy result, you can count on acne treatment singapore for the best therapy suggestion and after the result of the treatment.

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