HealthWeight Loss and Other Benefits of Outdoor Exercise

Weight Loss and Other Benefits of Outdoor Exercise


Exercise is considered to be one of the key elements of good mental and physical health according to many studies. There are many various kinds of exercise, varying in intensity, activity types as well as location of exercise. More specifically, exercising outdoors has unique benefits and properties that make it stand out from the rest. You can use apps like the LIFE Fasting Tracker are being extensively used nowadays among fitness enthusiasts. It might replace indoor locations like gyms, but it could provide a good alternative for more diverse exercises which are impossible to recreate in the indoor environment. Read this Pharmica article to find out more about the unique features of outdoor exercise and how to maximise the gains from the great outdoors.

The Key Benefits:

Higher Rate of Calorie Use:

Depending on your goal for your exercises, whether it is to maintain your shape or lose weight, it is important to know that outdoor exercise like running tends to consume more of your body energy and therefore calories. For example, running on a track outside can have a lot of variables like the incline as well as the type of terrain that might need a higher energy burst, burning your calories and therefore fat levels faster while also maintain your levels of glycogen, allowing to be less fatigued over time.

In addition, the exercises that take place outside usually consume more time, allowing you to further increase the number of calories you burn. For example, observing your environment as well as diverse terrain could be a great way to take your mind of the monotony nature of the exercise, allowing you to push yourself further without focusing on the fatigue that might occur. Finally, exercising outdoors also increases the whole length of the activity because of the two-way nature where you still have to make your way back to your initial destination like home or office.

This key benefit could greatly contribute to your weight loss journey. If you wanting to achieve maximum results, you can start taking safe, clinically proven and effective weight loss treatments to maximise the effectiveness of the exercise while also helping you achieve your goals.

Better Mood and Less Stress

Another significant perk of outdoor exercising is the changes to your body metrics like your heart rate. This allows your body to unwind and relax, focusing on the performance and achieving results, allowing you to unwind from your potential troubles. Furthermore, from the mental perspective, it is in our nature to be attracted to the outdoors, where the bring colours, fresh air and other elements of nature can release more hormones, allowing you to destress and relax your environment while also pushing your exercise routine even further, maximising your results.

Improved Immune System:

Finally, the benefits of exercising outdoors include your body responds to the external environment. For example, switching from being cold before your exercise to a more warm and heated-up condition of your body releases more Norepinephrine neurotransmitters, which contribute to an improved function of your immune system. You can further improve your immune system performance by increasing your intake of essential nutrients and vitamins by taking OneVit Complete multivitamins which can make your daily vitamin intake easier.

It’s free!

Even if the benefits mentioned above are not convincing you, don’t forget that you don’t need a gym membership in order to exercise in the outdoors! A lot of individuals suffer from the constant overthinking related to the value gained from the gym membership. In this case, however, you can use this money to treat yourself for achieving your goals while also maximizing your results from the outdoor exercises.

Tips for Better Outdoor Exercises:

  • When it comes to kickstarting your exercise routine, make sure that you initially start with doing your most enjoyable exercise activity to make sure that this becomes a habit. Once you are confident that you can maintain that routine, you can try to switch it up and start introducing new exercises to your weekly schedule.
  • Always check the conditions and suitability of your equipment, depending on the type of exercise you do. One of the best examples would be ensuring that you wear the right shoes for your outdoor runs, depending on the terrain surface like concrete or soil or even park tracks.
  • Drink plenty of water during your exercise to “sweat out” any potential toxins and harmful elements from your body
  • Ensure you have the right heat or cold insulation to ensure that you are not compromising your immune system to too much pressure.

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