HealthWays to prevent pests from entering your home

Ways to prevent pests from entering your home


Insects and bugs do not belong at home. Some of the species might be harmless and even fascinating to look at but they bring with them a swarm of other issues that may cause potential harm to human health. Along with the unsanitary conditions that they bring about, they can also be annoying with the constant buzzing, bites, painful stings, carrying diseases, etc. Even pets in the house can be bothered by these tiny pests and flies that enter the house and create a nuisance. Even cockroaches, which are so common in households, can contribute to the development of allergies and asthma, particularly in children.

Getting rid of these insects – One of the best things to do would be to make sure that they do not find a conducive habitat to live, nest, and thrive. This can be achieved with the help of an insect repellent. eliminating their food supply and getting rid of their favorite hiding spots can reduce the risk of more insects finding a home in your home. However, these are all management methods. The best way to ensure that your house is free of pests, bugs, insects, flies, etc would be to prevent them from entering in the first place. Keeping bugs out entirely will deprive them of the opportunity of making your house a breeding ground.

Here are certain ways via which you can prevent bugs, pests, and insects from entering your house:

  1. Keeping your kitchen clean – Since pests are known to thrive in damp and dirty atmospheres, the kitchen and tiny spaces in and around the kitchen are where you will find the most pests. To avoid any pest infestation, clean the kitchen space thoroughly – counters, cupboards, racks, drawers, etc. The dustbin area should also be cleaned and washed every day. In case of any unwanted pests like lizards, you can use a lizard spray to get rid of them. Wiping your kitchen surfaces, even walls, with disinfectant sprays would give you the best results in terms of no bugs in the home.
  2. Clean and dry bathrooms – Pest control in the bathroom areas are a must. It can be neglected as we do not think that bathrooms can have any kind of troublesome insects, however, the dampness and moisture can be the perfect space for the growth of multiple pests. Use toilet cleaners, disinfectants, and bathroom cleaners regularly to eliminate any problematic members from entering the house. Washing the sink, clearing the drains, drying the shower curtains, etc should also become a habit.
  3. Garden care and maintaining the outdoors – Gardens are a part of the house that often see many flies and bugs. They find a way to enter the house through the gardens. This is also true for rats and cockroaches. Take special care to fill any holes in the garden and remove all the excess standing water from the lawn. These are spaces where insects grow. Cut and prune the grass regularly. Use herbal and eco-friendly disinfectants, on grass, leaves, etc so that any pests on those parts of the garden do not sustain. Do not throw any garbage in the yard and external areas of the house to avoid the accumulation of flies.
  4. Window nets – Use screens and window nets on all the windows and doors of the house. These are sheets with small holes that would prevent the entry of any insects but will allow some fresh air to enter the house. Using window nets, especially in rainy months or near windows where plants or the garden is present would eliminate the entry of insects to a great extent.
  5. Herbal repellents – In case the stubborn insects manage to find a way into your home through cracks in the walls, bathroom mold, slits in the doors, or any other way, using a natural repellent would be the best possible way to get rid of them. Since these repellents are environmentally-friendly, they will not harm the people using them and will also not release any toxins into the surroundings. Herbal repellents for insects are specifically made to target certain pests and you can choose from different fragrances as well.

Make your house pest-free by preventing them from entering the house at all. Make sure that you are using the right tactics to ensure that all types of insects are away from the house. Use herbal cleaners, disinfectants, and repellents to get closer to your goal of a pest-free home.

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