Using these six tips, you can ensure a successful cleanse.


During a juice fast, warm lemon water is my go-to drink. That first juice sip might begin the process of detoxification with a dose of this liver stimulant.

You may want to continue doing it after your cleanse, like I did, after getting into the habit of it throughout your cleanse. You may also include herbal tea in your cleansing regimen, in addition to consuming your water quota.

Chose and prepare your food wisely.””

Take the time to brew your own organic juices.

When feasible, buy organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Studies have found that in addition to less pesticide residues, organic fruit includes 20% to 40% more antioxidants and 50% less cadmium, a harmful heavy metal, than conventionally grown vegetables. Organic food, in my opinion, is much superior. We can provide Juice cleanse the Netherlands for you.

Choose low-sugar fruits.

Avoiding high-sugar foods throughout your cleanse will help your body reap the benefits. Even while not all sugar is created equal, your body still needs to break it down and metabolise it. Make your recipes as vegetable-heavy as possible if you want to avoid a high sugar content from an all-fruit juice. A decent rule of thumb is to have at least half of your juice intake should be green juice.

Make sure to thoroughly clean everything.

Although it is organic, it is still possible for it to be contaminated with unwanted organisms or other pollutants. Plant-based produce wash removes wax, pesticides, and grime, according to my experience. Please visit Dutch company Sapje for juice cleanse.

Consistency is key.

Every two to two and a half to three hours, have a juice. In order to get the benefits of six to eight juices a day, spread them out over a period of 12 hours.

If you don’t drink enough juice, you’re more likely to become hungry and have low blood sugar, which may lead to fatigue and even a headache.

Brushing with a DRY BODY

When you’re juicing, you’ll want to dry brush your skin every day to get rid of dead skin cells and open up your pores, which will allow the juices to do their work. Dry brushing for detoxification may be learned more about in the sites listed below.

Listen to your body while you exercise.

Light activity like walking, yoga, and stretching should be avoided during a cleanse since your energy levels might fluctuate and be erratic. At the very least, I strive to make myself sweat. Heavy metals and other pollutants are flushed out of the body via perspiration, according to research.


Relax your mind and body. Every day, either meditate or start a notebook where you may record your thoughts and feelings about the day. Get lots of sleep, and if you can, take a nap.

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