HealthTop 5 Waist Trainer Fitting Problems and Solutions

Top 5 Waist Trainer Fitting Problems and Solutions


The waist trainers are very useful for women seeking an instant solution for waist and tummy control. They come with built-in steel bones to provide high compression and firm support to hide all fat bulges and create an hourglass figure.

Many women are using a waist trainer everyday, while some wear it under clothes occasionally. From the day I entered the world of waist training, I have met many women asking me for a solution of waist trainer fitting problem and I have helped them using my long experience.

Top 5 Waist Trainer Fitting Problems and Solutions

The waist trainer fitting problems are common in women but some men also have them. It can be a rash, redness, tightness, folding, sliding, rolling up/down or any other problem. I am here to provide a quick solution for each waist trainer problem you are facing, so keep reading ahead to get a quick fix for your waist trainer issue(s).

#1. Waist Trainer Causes Rashes and Redness:

A waist trainer can cause rashes and redness on your skin when you are allergic to its material. It is possible that your skin is sensitive to latex or neoprene material and your waist trainer is made from it.

The easiest and quickest solution to this issue is to wear a T-shirt or tank top under your waist trainer. Then it won’t cause rashes or other skin infections.

#2. Waist Trainer Rolling Up or Down:

Wearing a waist trainer that frequently rolls up or down is very irritating. Therefore you need a quick fix to prevent your waist trainer from rolling up during workout and other activities.

Firstly, you should choose a right size waist trainer that matches with your waist size. Because wearing a wrong size (bigger) waist trainer is the most common cause of waist trainer rolling up or down.

Another solution is that you should attach your waist trainer with to your bra on the top so that it cannot roll down in any circumstances. The same way, you should attach your waist trainer bottom to your pants/skirt to prevent it from rolling up.

#3. Waist Trainer Folding and Sliding:

When you wear a waist trainer bigger than your needed size, it can fold or slide. The best solution for such a problem is to change the waist trainer. You should get one size down of your waist trainer to fix the folding and sliding problem.

Every waist trainer comes with an official waist trainer size chart. You must measure your waistline by yourself and check the waist trainer size chart carefully at the time of purchase. Only then you can buy a right size waist trainer for yourself.

#4. Waist Trainer Feels Too Tight:

Your waist trainer should be firm fit to reduce your waistline and control fat in your midsection. When a waist trainer is too tight, it makes you feel uncomfortable and also ruins your mood for doing work or enjoying at an occasion.

You should adjust your waist trainer fitting by shifting its hooks and eyes or velcro to get your desired compression. If it still feels too tight then get a bigger size waist trainer that feels firm fit and not too tight.

#5. Waist Trainer Doesn’t Compress Much:

A waist trainer should provide firm compression to reduce waistline, flatten stomach and hide back fat bulges. If your waist trainer doesn’t compress much then there are 3 reasons for it.

[I] You are wearing your waist trainer at loose fitting hooks/velcro. So, you should take it off and wear it a again with a firm to tight fitting as per your need of compression.

[II] You are wearing a bigger size waist trainer. In this case, you should replace your waist trainer with a smaller size to get it firmly fit around your waist.

[III] Your waist trainer has plastic/acrylic bones. You should always buy a steel-boned waist trainer to get required compression and support.

Wrapping Up:

In this way, you can fix your waist trainer fitting problems effectively. Thereafter you will be able to wear your waist trainer everyday without any fitting or comfort issues.

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