Tips For Recovery: Tips To Stay Sober

There are various reasons why people choose sobriety over addiction. Substance use can cause chronic diseases, damage relationships, and impact mental health. Getting addiction treatment is the first step to recovery, but one should work towards maintaining sobriety. No matter the season, have fun, avoid stress, anger, and loneliness.

Keep In Touch With Your Support Group

Always attend 12-step meetings and other support groups in your area. These meetings offer hope and encouragement for recovery. You will also gain tips on how to remain sober and counseling sessions. Have a therapist or a group member’s contact and read more if you need help.

Avoid Triggers

In early recovery, patients don’t have the power to say no. So, avoid putting yourself in a position that might lead to a relapse. For instance, if you know a relative or a friend will insist on taking a drink, kindly avoid their company. Your sobriety and recovery should come first.

Always Have Your Drinks

When going to events, ensure you have your own drinks. Have yours at hand when the rest is served. This way, a waiter will just pass. In addition, learn to say no and plan ahead of the response you will give. Some friends can even make fun of you, but focus on sobriety.

Keep Busy

Avoid idleness and hanging around with friends. This may promote relapse. Look for a job, hobby or join a sports club and have fun. While on vacation, do various activities such as swimming, skating, and boating. This will make you busy and hinder you from drinking.

Have Fun

There are many ways to have fun without necessarily taking alcohol. There are also sober meetup groups you can join in your area. So, you don’t have a reason not to have fun when in recovery.

Be Mindful Of Your Spirituality

Regardless of your religion or beliefs, there is fulfillment and joy that comes with practicing what you believe. You can join choirs, prayers, or anything else that uplifts your spirituality. Doing so will keep away anger, regrets, and disappointments and give you hope to fight for sobriety.

Inform Friends About Your Status

Your life revolves around friends, colleagues, and family members. Therefore, it is necessary to inform them about your recovery to support you. They will also create a sober environment. If you keep it a secret, they will still offer you drinks, and when things get tough, you will not have someone to encourage you.

Practice Self-Care

Self-care plays a vital role in sobriety. Wake up each ready to love and care for yourself with proper nutrition, good grooming, and getting enough sleep. The better you feel, the more energy you will have to cope with addiction triggers. Find some time alone, relax and meditate.

Eat Healthily

Proper nutrition is very vital during recovery. Avoid sugary and processed foods and instead eat a well-balanced meal. Ask your nutritionist about the best foods to prevent cravings. In addition, always stay full and have enough water.

Give Back

The best way to remain sober during the holidays is to skip celebrations and volunteer in your community. You can visit children’s homes or work with organizations. This will offer you satisfaction, spiritual growth and enhance sobriety.

Create An Event

Create a sober event if you want to have time with your friends and family. No one will dictate their interests on your occasion. You can use that opportunity to tell everyone you are in recovery.

If you are determined to stay sober, develop strategies that work best for you. Avoid triggers, by all means, connect with support groups, volunteer, practice self-care, and keep busy. Remember, you are not alone. Your family and friends are there to offer you support.

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