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The Right Way To Follow Vegan Diet For Weight Loss


A vegan diet is one that is completely free from any animal-based products. It is not only a sustainable dietary choice but is also known to be extremely useful in weight loss. However, simply cutting out animal-based foods is not enough. There are several nutritious foods like bGREEN Peanut Butter that you should include in your diet to not only meet your weight loss goals but get the necessary nutrition as well.

Here is a comprehensive guide to a vegan diet for weight loss to get the results that you desire.

The Fundamentals of A Vegan Diet For Weight Loss

The best way to make your vegan diet plan for weight loss effective, is to include the right food groups in your plan. One of the main concerns with a vegan diet is the possibility of nutritional deficiencies, particularly Vitamin B12, calcium, protein, DHA and calcium because they are more concentrated in animal-based foods.

However, there are several options like bGREEN lean protein supplements or bGREEN peanut butter that can help you overcome this issue. You also need to understand what food groups and types of food you need to focus on to construct an effective vegan diet for weight loss:

Protein Is a Must

Protein is a food group that helps you lose weight faster. First, protein keeps you fuller for a longer time, avoiding food cravings. Second, protein consumes more calories for digestion. There are several plant-based proteins like lentils, beans, soy products, tofu, nuts and seeds that can be added to your vegan Indian diet plan for weight loss.

A good vegan protein shake such as bGREEN lean protein shake is also a convenient option to increase your protein intake. Snacks can be made healthier with the addition of tasty ingredients like bGREEN peanut butter which is 100% plant-based and rich in proteins.

Get Your fibre From Fresh Produce

The next most important nutrient in your vegan diet plan for weight loss is fibre. It keeps you full and also ensures the efficient absorption of nutrients. A vegan diet is high in fibre as it uses mostly plant-based foods. This is also useful in helping you sustain energy for a longer period of time. When it comes to a vegan diet for weight loss, foods like pulses, whole grains and raw fruits and vegetables are most beneficial. According to some studies, adding about 30g of fibre to your diet can help you achieve significant weight loss.

Say No To Meat Substitutes

For those who are going from an omnivorous diet to a vegan one, the transition can be difficult. Choosing meat substitutes is the most common way to cope with cravings. However, if you are on a vegan diet plan for weight loss, avoid commercially available meat substitutes. They are loaded with refined grains, sodium and other harmful ingredients. Instead, alternatives like black bean patties for burgers or other homemade options are best for you.

Avoid Refined Sugars

To make your vegan Indian diet plan for weight loss more effective, refined sugar intake must be limited. This does not only mean that you stop using sugar as you know it. It also means that you should look out for hidden forms of sugar in different foods. Check food labels for ingredients like galactose, lactose, sucrose, fructose or anything else with the suffix ‘ose’. Sugar is rich in calories but provides no nutritional benefits. So, it is best to avoid it.

Do Not Consume Processed Vegan Foods

Most people have a misconception that foods labeled as ‘vegan’ are healthy. This is not true as vegan processed foods contain sugar and saturated fats. If you want to follow a vegan diet plan for weight loss, focus on whole foods and fresh produce for the best results.

Additional Tips to Make Your Vegan Diet Plan Effective

  • Following a vegan diet plan is not enough. Make sure you exercise enough to burn unwanted calories and stay healthy.
  • Drink a lot of water. An Indian vegan diet plan for weight loss requires ample hydration to help you digest the additional fibre intake.
  • Be wary of potential nutrient deficiencies, especially if you are new to a vegan diet plan for weight loss. Make sure you choose the right foods to maintain your daily required nutrient intake.
  • Choose the right sources to get your calories. Although you need a calorie deficit diet for weight loss, it should be enough to sustain your daily activities.


The most common misconception is that a vegan diet plan is healthy as is. It is a healthy lifestyle choice, no doubt. The tips mentioned above give you a safe and effective way to follow a vegan diet plan for weight loss.

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