The history and benefits of Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis?

“Hypnotize” when hearing this word. Many of you may think of the show. Or some show a man wearing a long cloak in hand chain watch Then hypnotize the audience that comes up to join the activity. Then order the said audience to do something. “Become a chicken,” or some may think of a supernatural force that controls the consciousness, thoughts, and actions of the person in front of the hypnotist to meet the needs of the hypnotist.

But actually, “hypnosis” is one of the tools that have been used to treat symptoms since ancient times. And has scientific proof and neurology about the brain’s functioning and media perception. This article will talk about the history of Hypnosis, the working process of the principle of Hypnosis based on scientific evidence, The benefits of Hypnosis, and misunderstandings.

Benefits of Hypnosis

Hypnosis can help reduce chronic pain in medicine for those who can be easily hypnotized. Pain during childbirth for women is very effective. It can also help support smoking cessation. A profoundly traumatic experience and help reduce some anxiety or fear (Phobia)

In addition to the medical benefits, it has also been found that Hypnosis is also used to solve specific problems. or increase the quality of life in everyday life, such as problems with sleep, whether it is insomnia, sleepwalking, increasing self-confidence, losing weight.


Although Hypnosis is increasingly being interpreted scientifically, compared to in the past, there were still beliefs about uninterpretable energy. Or spelling linked to various rights and Professional Hypnotherapist near me in Toronto. There are still many misconceptions about Hypnosis nowadays. Here are six examples of topics that many people may misunderstand about Hypnosis.

1. Everyone can use hypnosis.

The short and simple answer is “no.” Hypnosis is not possible for everyone. Research clearly shows that only 5 % of people cannot use Hypnosis very well. Simply put, it is very easy to be hypnotized. And the rest of the population “may” be able to hypnotize. But despite this, the hypnotized male must only consent and trust the hypnotist. Otherwise, Hypnosis will not be possible.

2. The hypnotized person cannot control himself when he is hypnotized.

Suppose you are concerned that your hypnotherapist will use Hypnosis to benefit from you. You can stop worrying because you are 100 % conscious during Hypnosis. You will still be aware of what is happening around you. You will know what the hypnotist is asking you. Telling you what to do, and if you don’t feel okay with doing it, you won’t do it, So you can rest assured that an evil hypnotist won’t tempt you to hypnotize you to transfer your entire account to him. Because you’ll turn around and say, “No way,” that’s all.

3. Hypnotic will not lie. and will only speak the truth

As explained in the previous paragraph, Hypnosis doesn’t make you lose control of yourself. Even if you are more open to advice and more effective than average conditions. But you are still fully conscious of yourself. So, no one can force a deliberative process before you can speak. Therefore, Hypnosis cannot make the hypnotized person speak the truth.

4. Hypnosis is sleep.

You may seem asleep. But you’re awake. The hypnotic state will put you in the most relaxed state. Your muscles will relax. Your breath will begin to slow down and lengthen, like when you sleep. And you may feel sleepy. But rest assured that you will stay awake.

5. You can be hypnotized through the internet.

Everything seems to be done online. Of course, Hypnosis is another science that has been applied in this online system as well. And has developed applications for Hypnosis for various goals as well, but after analysts and experienced hypnotherapists tried it out and checked it out. There are no licensed professional hypnotists. Or any hypnosis organization is involved in developing these applications, so most hypnotherapists and physicians do not recommend using these applications. Online Hypnosis is probably so difficult to say that it can’t be done. But if there are developers who work with professional hypnotists or related organizations to create applications in the future, these come up. Self-hypnosis through these tools may be possible in the future.

6. Hypnosis can make you “remember” some things you have forgotten.

Many people understand that Hypnosis can make you recall or restore lost memories. It’s just like when you can recover data from a damaged Drive. The answers to this question are a bit vague. Because current science is still unable to determine precisely which part of your “memory” is missing concretely, therefore, it cannot be definitively stated that Hypnosis can restore memories. Hypnotists believe that “memory recovery” is more likely to reconstruct memory than recall something that was lost instead of remembering something that was forgotten. It turned out to be more of a “fake” memory. This is why many professional hypnotists may find it challenging to use memory hypnosis. Or some people may directly deny that they will not use this tool in this way.

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