The best antiparasitic program that anyone can afford

The human body contains parasites in the large intestine to digest food. However, the intestinal parasites are not harmful compared to the other parasites, affecting the immune system and causing many diseases. Thus, to get rid of these parasites, Eistria LTD has introduced an affordable and comprehensive program named Dr. Hulda Clark’s antiparasitic program to protect the human body against foreign organisms.

This program is purely herbal, and effective medicines are used to get 100 % positive results. There are no side effects, and three plants are used for the comprehensive analysis and treatment to eliminate the parasites from the body.

What is an antiparasitic program, and what is its strategy?

If you are dealing with allergies, digestive problems, sleep problems, joint pain, mood swings, you must watch this antiparasitic program for complete guidance. The cause of this infection maybe some animals, contaminated food, or inhaling eggs from the air. Thus, you can come with a parasitic infection. According to some experts, parasites replicate rapidly in the body and can cause damage to the whole body by hitting the immune system.

However, it’s essential to find a complete cure, and Eistria LTD is always there to help you find an authentic solution that could solve your problem.

Sweet Pelin aremisa annua

This plant was used by native Americans and is antiparasitic, anti-bacteriological, anti-viral, and anti-fungal with active juglone, tannin, and iodine ingredients. Its main component is a black walnut tincture, and it’s essential to know how it works against parasites.

How to use Black walnut tincture

If you are a beginner, you must take two tablespoons of this mixture on an empty stomach. Hence, you can mix the solution in coffee or juice and remember it must be Lukewarm liquid. In addition, you have to take this mixture once a week for one year. So, you can ask your relatives, friends and family to take 30 drops of this mixture every other week to avoid any infection.

However, this mixture will help kill the intestinal parasites, and you may feel nausea initially, but later on, it will be better and provide you with a complete cleansing.

 Sweet Pelin aremisa annua

Sweet wormwood is an essential part of the parasitic program and kills parasites at the larval stage. Thus, its capsulated form is beneficial, and you can use them according to the suggested dosage.

How to use a sweet wormwood capsule?


When you buy carnation from a store, it will not be as effective as the capsules. So, you can take this capsule as recommended by the Dr Clark program.


Its intake depends on your sleeping time. You have to take 2 capsules on the first night, 4 capsules on the second night, and 6 capsules on the third night. You can take 4 or 6 capsules before sleeping.


Arginine is an energy booster, and it provides you with an efficient amount of energy if you take it at bedtime. But it’s beneficial to take this in the morning if you have skipped coffee.

Clove eugenia caryophyllata

This plant is an integral part of the parasitic program. Experts at Eistria LTD have ensured that this plant is beneficial in capsule form with antiparasitic, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties. It kills the eggs and adult parasites and suppresses the further development of parasites in the human body. In addition, it works best with the amino acid combination.

What are antiparasitic products available in the Eistria LTD shop?

1. ANTIPARASITIC program Hulda Clark

It’s the main product based on three plants. Its dosage and ingredients are mentioned below.

Clove, Sizigium aromaticum, 100 capsules 510mg

cloves of 510 mg

Sweet wormwood, Artemisia annua, 100 capsules 280 mg

sweet wormwood – leaves and flowers

The black walnut tincture, extract, Juglans Nigrum 100 ml

1 ml contains 1 ml of tincture 1: 5, corresponding to 250 mg of black walnut extract. Ethanol 66% vol.

A complete scheme to take this capsule.


Day Wormwood intake


1 capsule is 200 mg

before meals


Clove, Sizigium aromaticum, intake


1 capsule is 240 mg

before meals


Take a tincture of walnuts

(total drops per day)

at night before bed,

diluted in 100 ml of water

1 1 capsule 3×1 capsules 1 drop
2 1 capsule 3×1 capsules 2 drops
3 2 capsules 3×2 capsules 3 drops
4 2 capsules 3×2 capsules 4 drops
5 3 capsules 3×3 capsules 5 drops
6 3 capsules 3×3 capsules 6 drops
7 3 capsules 3×3 capsules 60-90 drops
8 3 capsules 3×3 capsules
9 3 capsules 3×3 capsules
10 3 capsules 3×3 capsules
14 60-90 drops
Weekly 4 capsules 3×4 capsules 60-90 drops
Weekly 4 capsules 3×4 capsules 60-90 drops
5 weeks 4 capsules 3×4 capsules 60-90 drops
6 weeks 4 capsules 3×4 capsules 60-90 drops
7 weeks 4 capsules 3×4 capsules 60-90 drops
8 weeks 4 capsules 3×4 capsules 60-90 drops
In total 48 capsules 144 capsules 60 to 80 ml per month
Weekly 4 caps per week 4 caps per week 30 to 60 drops per week

2. Troichatka antiparasitic complex

Troichatka tm, Bioherba, capsules 100, 250 mg

This product is beneficial to kill parasites, improve gastric motility, improves gastric secretions, and remove worms from the body.


Clove, wormwood, and green walnut bark, gelatin, and magnesium stearate


You can use this as a dietary supplement before a meal with 200 ml of water twice a day.

Over to you

Eistria LTD has introduced Dr. Hulda Clark’s antiparasitic program to provide a comprehensive immune system. This antiparasitic program effectively kills parasites in the adult and larval stages. Thus, a complete removal will help to live a healthy life. This treatment is without any Sid effects, and you can call Eistria LTD for further queries. Their helpline is open for 24-hours.

In addition, you can buy this program online or visit the shop near you.

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