Preventing Burnout

If we don’t properly care for ourselves, the notion of burnout becomes inevitable. Though we’re not machines, humans do bear some similarities to our technological devices. For instance, our devices have a battery life that will slowly drain over time until the device is recharged again. While it’s not true that people run off batteries, we too have a limit to how much we can be drained before we need to be recharged again. This feeling of being drained can otherwise be described as burnout, and it’s vital that we prevent this as much as we can in the name of our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Spot the Signs Early

In order to successfully prevent burnout from occurring, it’s vital that you identify the signs creeping up on you as soon as possible. It’s very easy to slip into self-denial; however, this type of denial isn’t helpful, and it won’t lead to you escaping said burnout. As soon as you identify these signs, you give yourself the power to do something about them. By ignoring them, you enable them to fester and worsen until a burnout is completely unavoidable. Being aware of your impending burnout is the first step that you must take to avoid it from taking control.

Reflect Upon Yourself

Once you’ve identified the signs of your burnout, you can then reflect upon yourself, which will indicate what needs to be done to avoid the burnout from taking over. Assess what your personal needs are and attend to them. Consider your goals and expectations for yourself and realign them where necessary. Take a look at your weekly schedule and remove the pressure of any unnecessary items. Your best on one day won’t be the same as your best on another, so do what you can manage and don’t put pressure on yourself to do what you can’t.

Assess Your Goals, Skills, and Passions

A lot of stress and anxiety comes from our fears of not achieving our goals, expressing their skills, or fulfilling their passions. Therefore, you should complete an assessment of these. If your obstacles are something that are out of your control, then let go of the stress that you have in association with them. If they are something that you can control, break down all the steps that you can take to eliminate these obstacles. Similarly, you should refrain from giving yourself made up deadlines; these only give you unnecessary pressure that isn’t helpful when you’re already feeling overwhelmed.

Exercise Regularly

Though it may make you feel physically tired, exercise is actually the ideal way of preventing yourself from feeling burned out and exhausted. Even if you’re not a gym bunny, there’s no escaping the burst of endorphins that you get after completing a workout. These happy chemicals are imperative to avoiding burnout, and regular exercise is something that we should all weave into our weekly routine. Just 20 minutes of light exercise is all you need every day; this could be as simple as a walk around the block.

Eat a Balanced Diet

As with exercise, a balanced diet is essential to ensuring that you feel energized, rather than sluggish. This doesn’t mean that you need to be eating nothing but veggies, but it just means that you shouldn’t be relying on processed foods. Not only will this benefit your physical wellbeing but setting aside time to cook a meal is also beneficial to your mental wellbeing. Furthermore, a set daily routine that includes exercise and balanced meals makes everything seem a whole lot less stressful.

What are your tips for avoiding burnout?

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