Must-Have Vitamins And Minerals To Maintain Your Immunity

Did you stumble across this article looking for the vitamins and minerals that can boost your immunity? Everybody knows how daunting it is to deal with low immunity levels in recent times. Searching for immunity-boosting foods with a fear of catching diseases can draw a lot of tension. Every year, approximately 20% of the global population comes down with cold, cough and other chronic diseases. Low immunity levels are among the leading causes in the world.

So, if you’re someone who is looking to strengthen their immunity game, here’s an insightful blog that will walk you through the importance of vitamins and minerals and the must-have ones to include in your routines.

Why Vitamins And Minerals Are Essential For Your Immunity?

Your body produces muscles, skin and bone on a daily basis to ensure the healthy functioning of your body. It generates chemicals that travel across various organs to maintain the overall health of the body. In order to do all these jobs properly, your body requires a sufficient amount of nutrients. These include 30% of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to fulfil the requirement on its own.

Today’s lifestyle choices and improper food diet are some of the main reasons for deteriorating health. It has become crucial to maintaining an immune defence system with essential nutrients and vitamins. Relying on a natural diet and foods cannot fulfil the requirement of nutritional intake which can lead to certain deficiencies causing infections and chronic diseases in the body.

Vitamins and minerals are helpful in improving the overall health of the body as well as providing sufficient nutrition that cannot be fulfilled with the foods. Consuming supplements can ensure you get all the vital nutrients to fulfil your daily intake along with preventing health issues related to deficiencies.

One natural way of including vitamin tablet supplements in your daily intake is by taking HK Vitals. These health supplements are a great way to boost your immunity without harming your body in any way.

Must-Have Vitamins And Minerals To Maintain Your Immunity

Here are some of the important vitamins and minerals that can help you boost your immunity.

#1 Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most effective immunity boosters. They contain solid antioxidants that can help you fight chronic diseases and can prevent you from getting sick if taken consistently. They are effective to reduce inflammation as they absorb iron and fight the free radicals.

#2 Vitamin D

The primary responsibility of vitamin D is to build strong bones by helping our body absorb calcium and phosphorus in blood levels. It is also a protective vitamin to act against respiratory tract infections that happen due to low immunity levels. Consuming vitamin D can significantly decrease the chances of catching respiratory diseases.

#3 Zinc

Zinc is a mineral that plays a vital role in immune function and is crucial for growth and development during pregnancy. Consuming Zinc supplements or taking a Zinc infused syrup can help increase immunity levels. It is a great antioxidant that boosts the functioning of the immune system and helps treat certain chronic diseases.

#4 Vitamin B6

This is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a major role in our body. It helps convert carbohydrates, proteins and fats into energy. They are important for cell growth and development.  It also has its involvement in brain development and improving cognitive abilities. It also works up close with the immune system by keeping it in top condition. It enables the production of serum antibodies which are proven to help in treating respiratory diseases including flu.

#5 Magnesium

This is one of the most important vitamins to keep an eye on as it functions more than 300 enzymes that regulate various parts of the body. This vitamin helps to strengthen muscles and bones and keeps the immune system strong. Older adults and people with diabetes can include magnesium in their daily intake for better results.

While consuming an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals can benefit your body in so many ways, it is equally important to follow a balanced and healthy diet in order to fulfil the dietary intake and improve overall health. If you’re still confused about which vitamins and minerals can help you improve your immunity levels, you just got yourself a bunch of healthy vitamins and minerals to add to your daily routines but before starting any sort of medication and supplements, please consult your healthcare expert and discuss your possibilities with the medicines.

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