Life After a Lens Replacement Procedure

You’ve decided to get or are heavily considering lens replacement? Great! However, we know what you’re thinking: what is recovery like? In short, recovery is usually a smooth process that only takes a few weeks; however, there are things to keep in mind when recovery to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Read on to learn everything you’ve ever wanted and needed to know about life after a lens replacement procedure.

Immediately After the Surgery

Your pupil will still remain dilated, blurring your vision, before gradually improving over the course of a few hours. Once the pupil goes down to its normal size, your vision will significantly improve; however, you will continue to experience blurriness on and off for the next week as your eye adjusts. Your eye may feel scratchy for a few hours as well, but this will alleviate by the end of the day. If your eyes have a major imbalance, your vision will feel quite unbalanced, creating a disorienting sensation at times, until the other eye is treated. Finally, if cataracts were removed, you’ll notice much richer color hues.

How Long Does It Take to Recover?

We hate to be vague, but recovery can take as little as two weeks or as long as a year, depending on the magnitude of the surgery. Most patients will have recovered enough in a week to return to their jobs and most activities. You will not be able to get water in the eye for a week following surgery and cannot swim or exercise for four weeks due to the pressure these activities place on the eyeball.

If the surgery wasn’t a major overhaul, you’ll likely return to normal relatively soon. However, more extreme cataracts or other disorders can result in clunky vision changes (changing focus from near to long distances and vice versa) and halo effects around bright lights (headlights, spotlights, etc.). The good news is these symptoms will eventually alleviate; although, it can take several months.

Follow Up

We hope you like your doctor because you’re going to spend a lot of time with them over the next few months. Your first follow-up appointment will take place within 48 hours of surgery to ensure everything looks right. Your next check-in will be a week after surgery (and surgery will be completed on the other eye if necessary). Your last appointment will be at the one-month mark to ensure proper healing. If there appears to be an issue, or if your surgery was more complicated, you may need to go in for several more follow-up visits.

Lens replacement is an excellent option for many, and recovery is usually a breeze. If you would like to know more about lens replacement or blended LASIK OKC, contact us today!

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