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Ingredients to Avoid in Organic Baby Formula

Organic baby formula should be free from the following ingredients: Carrageenan, Hexane, Palm oil, and Corn syrup. All of these ingredients are considered carcinogenic and should not be consumed by your child. Preservatives are a part of organic formula milk, and some brands contain as many as 12 of them. One brand of organic milk is Baby’s Only Organic, which contains up to 12 preservatives.

Ingredients in conventional

One of the most popular ingredients in conventional baby formulas sold in the U.S. is carrageenan. This additive works as a stabilizer in the formula, ensuring that nutrients are well-mixed. These products tend to contain the most carrageenan, and these ingredients are also full of toxic chemicals. Carrageenan is a carcinogenic and is also linked to cardiovascular disease and behavioral problems. It contains lead, which can lower IQ and cadmium, a neurotoxin used in batteries.

Although carrageenan is naturally present in seaweed, its use in food has raised concerns about its safety. It has been linked to colon tumors and gastrointestinal disorders in laboratory animals. Manufacturers label such products as “natural” but it may actually contain carrageenan, a powerful prionflammatory substance that irritates the gastrointestinal tract. It may cause irritable bowel syndrome or colon cancer.

Despite the organic label

Despite the Organic’s Best label, there are a number of other ingredients to avoid in baby formula. Conventional formulas are likely to contain pesticide residues, antibiotics, growth hormones, and oils extracted with hexane. It also might contain GMOs, artificial colors, or synthetic nutrients. Fortunately, there is an organic variety that contains no hexane at all. Organic formulas from Europe must not contain any chemically extracted synthetic nutrients, and the ratio of whey and casein must be at least 60:40. It is also free from added sugars and contains no synthetic nutrients.

The ingredient hexane is used to extract DHA from algae. Although the ingredient is known to be toxic, it is used for the manufacturing process of many organic baby formulas. While some manufacturers may claim that hexane is not necessary for the extraction process, many are not sure. It’s better to buy organic baby formulas if possible, because they are not only free of hexane but also contain a variety of beneficial ingredients.

Palm oil

One major reason to avoid palm oil in organic baby formula is that it interferes with calcium absorption. Babies born prematurely are especially vulnerable to this problem, missing the last few weeks of gestation, the time when bones develop and are most dense. Nonetheless, if you want your baby to develop properly, you should avoid palm oil altogether. In fact, there are many ways to make your baby poop without consuming palm oil.

First, look for a product that does not contain carrageenan. It is banned in the European Union and is linked to intestinal inflammation. It adds flavor, stabilizes ready-to-feed formula, and eliminates shaken formula. Inorganic formula, however, is more likely to contain corn syrups and starches, along with other fillers and preservatives. These additives are highly toxic for your baby.

Corn syrup

Sugar is essential to baby formula. Babies need sugar and carbohydrates to grow. Breast milk is naturally sweet, but standard infant formulas contain lactose, a sugar that’s not good for kids with allergies to dairy. Corn syrup is sweet, but doesn’t cause allergies, and can mask the unpleasant taste of hydrolyzed milk protein. Fortunately, corn syrup doesn’t have those health risks, which makes it one of the ingredients to avoid in organic baby formula.

Most top-shelf baby formula products contain high levels of corn syrup. Corn syrup has been linked to obesity, drowsiness, and other behavioral problems. Babies who consume corn syrup have higher rates of tooth decay and high triglyceride levels. Added sugars in baby formula can also cause nutritional deficiencies. And since the body needs more sugar to grow, the effects of excess sugar on a growing body are profound.

Processed foods

If you have a new baby, you’ll want to avoid high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) in baby formula. This artificial sweetener has been found in some food products and is highly processed. HFCS is commonly found in processed foods like soda and candy. Although the FDA has not banned HFCS, you should check the labels carefully. This sweetener has been shown to cause obesity in children.

Another common ingredient in baby formula is palm oil. Many parents are concerned that this product is harmful for their baby, as it can cause constipation and inhibit calcium absorption in the intestines. Fortunately, there are a variety of organic alternatives. Here are some of the ones to look for:

Synthetic l-methionine

Organic baby formula contains more nutrients than non-organic versions. Most organic formulas are made from milk from cows raised without synthetic chemicals and genetic modification. They also contain higher levels of linoleic acid and vitamin E, two essential nutrients for your infant’s brain development. Furthermore, organic milk from cows fed fish oil may be higher in DHA, another essential nutrient for your infant’s growth and development.


This prompted the manufacturers to recall the formulas, but did nothing to remedy the situation until it was too late, resulting in a shortage. Fortunately, European food standards are among the highest in the world and regularly updated with new research and ingredients. The EU does not require companies to conduct infant feeding studies before they can receive certification.

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