Importance that spirituality offers in recovery

Often times we hear that spirituality is very important in recovery. But what makes it important? We have no awareness regarding that. People who are going into recovery have a lot of questions regarding the spiritual aspect of it all. They often have so many questions that when they are not answered, it can make them feel alienated regarding the spiritual nature of the treatment. So, what exactly is this spiritual healing in rehab.

What is the meaning of “spirituality”?

In order to understand the spiritual healing in rehab properly, we have to understand what “spirituality” really means. The definition is very vague but most often, people attribute spiritualty in the sense that it should be anchored towards any religion, most abundantly, it should be connected to Christianity. The 12-step program, which is the first ever spiritual recovery program for rehab was made as an idea taken from Christianity.

It introduced many of the aspects of Christianity in it but was not directly made to be defined through it. The goal of the 12-step program which was to enhance one’s spirituality and help them get through the rehab treatment and their drug addiction was to make it applicable for people belonging to different kinds of religions. It was not supposed to be made for just one kind of a religion.

Spirituality also has different definitions. It does not mean, first of all to be related to Christianity, but it can be defined as such for a person if that helps them get through their drug rehab treatment. For many people spirituality could mean being a Muslim, for some it could mean being from another faith. It is not set that you have to belong to one set of a religion, it could mean anything. For people who aren’t into religions, they might be into nature.

The green trees, and the fresh air might be the only thing that makes them feel relaxed and one with themselves. That turns off that thought in their mind that they are going to fail, that they are addicted to drugs or alcohol—it will finally turn them into a being that is free from such a mindset and will help them move forward in life.

Spirituality, basically is a way to become whole by being true and one with yourself. It is about expressing your desire to finding meaning in your life, it is about sacrificing yourself for another and realizing that we are all connected and that we can all get through any problem by having inner dialogue that is strong and gives meaning to our lives.

The importance that spirituality gives.

Spirituality gives us a sense of comfort. Through spirituality, a lot of positive effects take place in a drug addicts’ life who is trying to get rehab treatment done. According to research done, studies have shown that a person experiences physical benefits when they go through the 12-steps or a spiritual awakening. When we become completely aware of the fact that self-care is important, and making sure that we are kind and loving as well as forgiving to others, we will eat better, we will exercise often, and we will sleep a bit more so that they feel rested. All these aspects benefit us on a holistic level. Further benefits of spirituality are the following:

  • Increase in compassion and empathy towards others and oneself.
  • Spirituality helps in making sure that your negative emotions are controlled and well-managed.
  • It gives hope, faith, and purpose to oneself.
  • It can help in increasing the chances of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

These are all the things that one can have when they go through a spiritual awakening during their rehab treatment, if you want to go through something like this and are in need of it, then click on the following link to begin your journey:

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