HealthHow Turmeric Lemon Water Works as Daily Detox Drink

How Turmeric Lemon Water Works as Daily Detox Drink


Are you considering jazzing up your morning cup of hot water with some nimboo & turmeric powder? If yes then what are waiting for? Go and grab a turmeric lemon water drink for yourself while I explain why you should stop thinking and act on it.

There are multiple health benefits associated with hot water, hot lemon water and turmeric. So, when you club these three together, you come up with a concoction that possesses unmatchable benefits everybody deserves. So, here is the list of the benefits that tags along with your cup of hot lemon water with turmeric powder.

1. Weight Loss

Turmeric Lemon water is associated with the prevention of accumulation of fat and it is backed by multiple researches. It also keeps you from overindulging in brunch which might be one of the unhealthiest ways to treat your body.

2. Digestion and Metabolism

This hot beverage is known to improve the production of bile in your body which is an essential component of a well functioning digestive system. When you replace your morning coffee packed with caffeine with this effective beverage, you are blessing your digestive system for better.

3. A Detox Drink

A detox drink is something that helps your body flush out the toxins you have been consuming. The enhancement of bile juices in your body, it is able to eliminate toxins while keeping your liver super healthy. Also, the citric acid found in lemon helps you deal with the pH balance of your body and the natural diuretic property of lemon helps with the flushing of toxins.

4. An Antioxidant Powerhouse

The oxidative damage caused by the free radical roaming around in the body is the major cause of illness and premature aging. The antioxidants are the perfect antidote to this problem and turmeric and lemon comes packed with a lot of them.

5. Relieve Arthritis Symptoms

Turmeric has about 3% of curcumin in its complete nutrient structure which is a compound packed with anti-inflammatory properties. These properties heal your body from the inside while fighting against the symptoms of problems like Chronic Inflammatory Disorder and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

6. Protect You From Infections

Did I mention the most common use of turmeric? It is used to treat wounds and keep them away from infections. It does not only work on the outside but inside too. The antibacterial, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties clubbed with the vitamin C and potassium that has the ability to boost the immune system helps protect you from multiple infections giving your body the desired illness fighting power.

7. Lower Cholesterol Levels

Numerous researches and studies back this point that turmeric improves a healthy cholesterol level in the body. With the right cholesterol, your body becomes capable of preventing multiple heart diseases that can be fatal too.

8. Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Turmeric increases the level of brain derived Neurotrophic Factor which is a hormone responsible to keep the brain healthy. Since it provides the degradation of neurons by doing so, it in turns is expected to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Meanwhile the curcumin present in turmeric helps with improving your memory.

9. Younger Looking Skin and Body

Besides slowing the aging process of your body, turmeric is also very effective in keeping your skin hydrated. So, when you are young from inside and outside while your mind is at peace, you will have a younger looking skin and body.


These were all the health benefits associated with turmeric and lemon water. The best time to drink this beverage is in the morning on an empty stomach. So, if you are looking forward to starting to drink it in the morning, then stop looking and start doing it soon.

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