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How to ensure a mushroom growing farm’s maximum profitability through optimal equipment?


It’s hard to imagine a profitable, successful mushroom growing farm using old, outdated equipment. Of course, there are many other things that also need to be taken care of, like hiring good employees, but without a doubt, equipment is a crucial element worth thinking about.

But how to ensure that the chosen equipment is optimal when there are so many options to choose from? What are some of the most important features which have to be taken into consideration when making a purchase? We’ll explain everything below.

Modern mushroom picking trolleys have automation features

Automation equals less labor time and lowers costs, so it’s been integrated into many pieces of mushroom farms’ equipment in recent years. Mushroom picking trolleys are a great example. Older models required manually turning a crank in order for the platform to move, which is not only slow but also tiring for the employees.

Technologically-advanced trolleys are equipped with electric winches, which automate both the up and down and left and right movement. Thanks to simple and fast easy control, movement is initiated with a press of a button.

As a consequence, employees are happier, less tired and able to pick more in a shorter amount of time (especially considering easy picking from the bottom and top shelves of the shelving in high-quality trolleys). Another crucial automation feature is the automated stoppage system, which will stop the trolley if it detects any obstacles in its way.

Durable knives are the best choice

Optimal mushroom farm equipment doesn’t have to be high-tech – it just has to be perfectly adapted to the circumstances in such a place. Mushroom knives, which are an essential part of every mushroom growing farm’s practices, simply need to be durable.

Durability ensures that they won’t frequently get damaged, both when it comes to the handle (preferably an ergonomic one) and the blade (which should withstand prolonged use without getting dull). Good materials are key – solid knives aren’t particularly expensive and they can serve the farm for much longer than cheaper models, so it’s worth investing in them.

Lamps for mushroom farm need to be sufficiently waterproofed

High humidity and electrical devices don’t mix well, which can be a problem considering the harsh conditions present on mushroom growing farms. Having to frequently replace lamps, for example, would be both costly and disruptive, so it’s out of the question.

That’s why special lamps made with difficult conditions in mind are the way to go.

Energy-efficient LED or fluorescent lamps that meet the IP68 leakproofness condition are resistant to steaming and other typical problems associated with mushroom growing farms, so they can be used for a long time before a replacement is needed.

Selecting the right equipment for mushroom growing farms plays a key role in ensuring its high profitability. Thanks to high-quality equipment, work can be more efficient, as well as safer and less tiring for the employees. It’s best to procure such equipment from trusted suppliers, such as GROWTIME.

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