How long does an adult diaper last?

What are the types of Adult diapers available?

Incontinence is the condition where you lose bladder control and consequently experience urine leakage. Almost 43% of Indian women and 27% of men aged over 60 experience urinary incontinence. Many rely on adult diapers, such as the Friends diaper price at about 400 for ten pads, to manage their condition.

However, there is still some confusion on the different types of diapers available for adults and which is the most suitable. This article aims to give you some clarity on the same:

What are the different types of adult diapers?

There are many types of adult diapers available in pharmacies, some of which are discussed below.

  • Pant-style
  • Tape-style
  • Overnight
  • Pads


People who have just started experiencing urine leakage are more comfortable with wearing absorbent pad inserts than full diapers. These pads are designed with soft lining to maximize user comfort and leak protection. They have adhesive tabs which hold them firmly in place and targeted padding to improve absorption.

Pant-style diapers:

As the name suggests, they can be worn as easily as you would wear underpants. You pull them on and wear them like briefs. They are ideal if you are transitioning from absorbent stick-on pads to full diapers. They have soft elastic at the waist and around the legs to give a snug fit.

Good quality diapers have a marking on the waistband to indicate the front side. High-quality pant-style diapers come with leak guards along the edge of the diaper to block leakage. There are also overnight versions that can retain fluid for over 15 hours.

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Pant-style diapers are especially popular with people who have lost some dexterity in their hands due to arthritis, as they are easy to use.

Tape-style diapers:

Some people may find that the pants-style diapers are either loose or too tight and would prefer a more customized fit. The tape-style diapers are very useful for making perfect adjustments at the waist and around the legs. Therefore, these diapers fit snugly, offering maximum leak protection.

They are also useful if the user has limited mobility. It is easier for caregivers to attach a tape-style diaper to the users. The diaper can be opened to a flat piece that goes around the crotch area. The user can then use the adhesive tabs to adjust the fit according to their needs. Good quality diapers come with two pairs of tabs to make minute adjustments.

 Overnight diapers:

Overnight diapers can be worn for a longer time than other diapers. They have a soft antibacterial cover to provide both hygiene and comfort. Additionally, they also protect against odor and moisture despite prolonged use.

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Studies show that users feel relaxed and therefore experience a much deeper sleep when using this product with some of them experiencing a 100% increase in the number of minutes they were asleep.

In Summary

Urinary incontinence affects nearly 10% of the population and is something that more people are comfortable discussing now. Managing incontinence is easier now than it was a decade ago. There are several types of diapers and pads available in the market, such as the Friends diaper at a price that is affordable to all.

If you are experiencing incontinence, consult your health practitioner to understand its underlying cause. They will guide you to effective management techniques and medical solutions to provide you with temporary and permanent relief.

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