How long can a saliva drug test detect THC?

The saliva test can detect the 9-THC metabolites in your saliva for about 24 to 48 hours after your last consumption. While the standard 5-panel urine drug test can detect the THC-COOH metabolites (long term detection) in your sample, the saliva drug test can detect the 9-THC metabolites (short term detection) that can give an effective picture of THC abuse.

Regardless of the relaxing marijuana laws in some states, some employers implement strict THC and other drug testing guidelines before hiring and during employment. They use substance test kit to test their employees. This blog will provide you with valuable information about how long a saliva drug test can detect THC.

What is THC?

THC, locally called pot or ganja, is a psychoactive substance that can lead to euphoria or other psychoactive effects. They are initially taken from the cannabis Sativa plant that grows mainly in West Asia, Iran, and other Southeast Asian regions. It is declared illegal in the United States. Although some states have made it legal for recreational or medical purposes, the Federal government has not made any changes in the illegality of THC usage. Delta-8 elicits very similar effects to delta-9 with less potency and less anxiety or paranoia

THC Metabolization

When you consume THC, it reaches your bloodstream, and it is distributed to the core organs like the heart, liver, and lungs. Nearly one-third of the metabolites will be sent out as urine, and only less than two-thirds remain in your body as THC metabolites. The liver breaks down the THC metabolites to THC-COOH, which gets stored in the fatty tissues all over the body for a considerable amount of time. Only a tiny amount of THC-COOH is removed through sweat, and the remaining gets warded off through feces.

How long can THC stay in your saliva?

If you are an occasional user, the metabolites might stay in your saliva for about 24 hours. It may extend to 3 to 7 days, depending on certain factors like Age, Gender, metabolism, kidney, and liver function. The cut-off level of the saliva drug test is lesser than that of the urine drug test, which is 25 ng/mL. Hence the saliva test is much more efficient for short-term THC use.

How to pass your THC saliva drug test?

The easiest way to pass your saliva drug test for THC is to prevent using MMJ and Cannabis. If you are using MMJ for medical purposes, it is better to notify your employer regarding your drug usage. It is best to avoid tampering methods as it might lead to consequences if you get caught. All the best for your THC saliva drug test.

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