How does the Make-A-Wish Foundation Grant Wishes?

If you are having trouble picking a suitable charity to donate to, Make-A-Wish is certainly a remarkable organization that needs funding to make the world a better place. This charity organization was established in 1980 in the USA and has been dedicated to a noble cause since then.

Make-A-Wish collects donations to fund the most cherished wishes of children (between the ages of 2 ½ and 18) suffering from critical illnesses. When you are picking a charity to donate to, it is only natural that you want to know more about its goals and the way that it functions. You can visit to find out everything there is to know about this organization.

Sources of Funding

Donors often want to inquire about the sources of funding of the charity organization before they make a final choice. Make-A-Wish is funded by several sources, such as:

  • Individual donations and in-kind contributions
  • Chapter fees
  • Planned gifts
  • Foundation grants
  • Corporate donations

Make-A-Wish largely relies on people like you for in-kind contributions to make ends meet and grant as many wishes as they can. In-kind contributions mean non-monetary contributions, such as any type of gift, goods, services, equipment, labor, and facilities. This means that when you are planning to donate to an organization like Make-A-Wish, you are not restricted by merely monetary donations. If you want to lend out a hand by providing logistics support or by giving out home-cooked food, the organization will gratefully accept your in-kind contribution.

Process of Granting Wishes

If you want to check out the credibility of this charity organization, you can read about the Make-A-Wish leadership. This way, you can get to know the people running the organization and evaluate their integrity and dedication to the cause.

Donors are often very curious about the process of granting wishes to ill children. It starts off at the community level; wishes can only be granted if the community members are caring and considerate about the innocent wishes of children fighting chronic diseases.

Granting colossal amounts of wishes requires a lot of dedication, hard work, time, innovation, and brainpower. With joint efforts of the staff members, kind donors, Make-A-Wish leaders, and enthusiastic volunteers, the process of granting wishes on time is made possible.

If you want to extend your support to this dedicated charity organization, you can play your part either through monetary donations or in-kind contributions.

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