The body achieves what the mind believes. So, it is extremely crucial to have a calm and relaxed mindset before you hop into your fitness journey. You have to trust yourself, your trainer, and the process you are undergoing to achieve that dream body and lifestyle. Researchers tested 1,52,978 volunteers from UK Biobank participants to understand the correlation between physical activity and mental well-being. The results said that people who have been classified as low in cardio and muscle fitness tend to have 98% higher odds of experiencing depression and 60% odds of experiencing anxiety. Thus, it is evident that your physical exercises can become your mental health coach when done properly. Explore how physical activity can improve your mental well-being in this article.

 1. Sleep Better:

Several studies are going on to identify the relationship between exercise and sleep. Most of the studies have found that people who indulge themselves in moderate-to-vigorous physical activities had an increased quality of sleep by reducing the sleep onset, i.e. the time awake in bed before falling asleep. As regular workouts prevent excessive weight gain, it makes the person less likely to experience symptoms of Obsessive Sleep Apnea. On the flip side, when you sleep well, you stay active throughout the day because your body has got enough rest. Thus, both sleep and exercise help each other and enable you to have a better quality of life.


2. Hormones and Exercise:

Studies have shown that exercise increases several hormone levels in our body that enable us to have better mood, appetite, sleep, and other benefits. It increases dopamine levels, which in turn decreases stress and depression. A healthy dose of regular exercise aids releases serotonin hormone, which promotes a good night’s sleep. When you have better sleep, you tend to have a better mental state. Apart from this, exercises also increase the sex hormones such as testosterone levels in males and estrogen levels in females that can combat menopause symptoms, and slow the effects of aging.


3. Distracts from Negative Thoughts:

Regular exercising reduces cortisol levels, which are also known as stress hormones. They also increase endorphins, the feel-good hormones of our body, and improve our mood and overall mental wellbeing. With an increased level of endorphins, you always feel good and approach things in your life with a positive attitude. Having a good start has higher odds of ending with better results.

4. Healthy And Confident:

The physical benefits of exercise are incredible. The improved immune system, metabolic rate, and several other benefits enable us to have a disease-free lifestyle. When you stay healthy, you naturally stay away from minor stress caused by communicable diseases. Also, you get your dream body, desired shape, and weight when you start exercising. That gives you happiness in achieving your goals and indirectly helps in boosting your confidence levels. You feel more confident to present yourself in front of the crowd, enjoy the little happiness of wearing your favourite outfits when you are in shape.

5. Alertness and Concentration:

Apart from the benefits of exercising such as reducing the risk of cardiac diseases, obesity, and other lifestyle-related diseases, it reduces insulin resistance, inflammation, and stimulates the release of growth factors, the chemicals responsible for the health of brain cells. This directly contributes to the growth of new blood vessels in the brain, enabling you to have a better cognitive ability. Dr.Scott McGinnis, a neurology instructor at Harvard Medical School says, “Regular exercise of moderate intensity over six months or a year is associated with an increase in the volume of selected brain regions responsible for thinking and memory power.” Have better alertness, memory power, and concentration in anything you take in your life.

You work out regularly and consistently to have a good state of mental health. Both mental health and physical health should go hand-in-hand to have a better lifestyle. Take care of yourself not just physically but also mentally by exercising right from this day.

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