HealthHome Remedies for Simple Eye Problems

Home Remedies for Simple Eye Problems


Most eye problems demand immediate medical attention. But some can be safely treated at home, for instance, pink eye. So before rushing to an ophthalmologist, it is vital to take a moment and look at the following home remedies for various eye discolor problems.

1. Styes

A stye is a tender red lump on the eyelid’s edge. In some instances, the swelling may develop inside the eyelid, referred to as a chalazion. Though it has a short life in that after five days, it breaks, it is crucial to consider using natural remedies to ease the symptoms.

Remedies for styes

The best natural way to treat stye is by using a warm compress. The compress will help open up the glands for the stye to heal and drain faster. Consider using a warm and wet compress, for instance, a damp cloth with lukewarm water on the style for 5 to 10 minutes thrice daily. It is vital to note that during this eye discolor period, you do not try to pop the stye. It may seem like a pimple, but it is not; hence, it is essential to leave it open. It is also vital to not wear eye makeup during this period.

2. Black eye

Black eyes have symptoms like blood in the eye, blurred vision, and the inability to move the eye.

Home Remedies for Black Eye

For swelling to reduce and ease the pain, consider applying an ice pack to the eye for like 20 minutes every hour. If you lack an ice pack, consider using ice cubes wrapped in a cloth. The cloth is, therefore, helpful in protecting the skin from freezing.

3. Pink eye

Pink eye occurs because of inflammation or irritation of the conjunctiva, which leads to itching and redness of the eyes. A virus mainly causes it. Hence, it does not always respond to antibiotics.

Home Remedies for Pink eye

To reduce the discomfort of these eye discolorations, you can apply cool compresses to the affected area. But if the pink eye is bacterial, you must consider a treatment plan, which entails using antibiotic eye drops. Since this type of eye discolor is contagious, it is vital to take a chance to reduce the possibility of passing it to someone else. And that is through; not sharing personal things like handkerchiefs and cosmetics, changing pillowcases; and finally, washing hands from time to time.

4. Eye Allergy

Just like nasal allergies, there are also eye allergies, and those can be due to pollen or dust. Eye allergies have the symptoms of red, itchy, and teary eyes.

Home Remedies for Eye Allergies

The best way to deal with eye allergies is to limit your exposure to the source of the allergy. It might be dust, pollen, or pets. If you cannot remove the allergy’s origin, consider ways to reduce its effect. For instance, if it is pollen, wear sunglasses when outside, and instead of opening the windows, turn on the air conditioner. Consider using allergen-reducing covers for the bed and over-the-counter anti-allergy eye drops if it is a dust allergy.


Simple eye problems are common conditions. Thus, you can quickly soothe their symptoms with simple home remedies. But when they persist, it is crucial to visit an ophthalmologist.

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