HealthHair Transplant For Men: Procedure and Cost in India


Hair Transplant For Men: Procedure and Cost in India

Balding can be a cause of worry for a lot of men. Are you tired of trying different ways to fix your baldness but failing? A hair transplant is a method that can fix your baldness as the treatment procedure for hair transplant is painless and long-lasting with zero to no side effects.

The article will be explained by Dr.G.K Sharma,, one of India’s best hair transplant surgeons. He works at his clinic – Regrow hair clinic, which offers its best service at the most affordable hair transplant costs in India.

In the article below, we will learn about the procedure and cost of hair transplants in men. 

The procedure of hair transplantation in men

The process of hair transplant in men goes as follows; There are Two types of transplant methods used that are FUE( Follicular unit extraction)  and FUT(follicular unit transportation)

1. FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction


Dr G.K Sharma, explains the different steps in FUE, says that In FUE, the surgeon will first remove individual hair follicles from the back of the scalp using a micro-punch device. The surgeon will use the punch device to make small holes in your scalp to insert the hair.

Lastly, the surgeon will gently insert the individual hair follicles into the small holes. After the surgery, the doctor will cover your scalp with bandages or gauze. After ten days, the doctor will remove your bandages.

A fue hair transplant session takes up to 4 hours or more, where the doctors will insert hundreds or even thousands of hairs. As one session takes over 4 hours, the doctor will suggest you have multiple sessions with gaps in between so that your scalp can get time to recover and heal. The process is done so that your scalp will have time to heal completely.

2. FUT – Follicular Unit transplantation

Steps involved in Follicular unit transplantation:

  • The surgeon will cut out a strip of skin that contains hair follicles from the side or the back of your head.
  • The surgeon will remove or extract individual strands of hair follicles from the strip of skin and prepare them for transplantation. The surgeon will close your scalp with sutures.
  • Next, the surgeon will insert the hair follicles into the bald area of your scalp.
  • Lastly, the surgeon will cover your scalp with a bandage that will be removed after ten days.
  • You might have to wait for several months to get the desired results.

Cost of hair transplant in India

1. Cost of FUE hair transplant

Dr. G.K, Sharma, explains the cost of fue and future hair transplant treatments. Regrow clinic offers one of the best hair transplant costs in India. The cost of FUE hair transplant is calculated by rupees(Rs. 30 – 45) per graft. 


No. of Grafts FUE cost Rs. 30-45/graft
500 Rs.  15,000 – 22,000
1000 Rs.  30,000 – 45;000
1500 Rs. 45,000 – 67,000
2000 Rs. 60,000 – 90,000
2500   Rs. 75,000 – 1,12,500
3000     Rs. 90,000 – 1,35,000
3500       Rs. 1,05,000 – 1,57,000
4000         Rs. 1,20,000 – 1,100,000

2. Cost of FUT hair transplant in india

Fut hair transplant is less expensive than the FUE hair transplant.


No. of Grafts FUT Cost 
500 Rs. 12,500 -17,500
1000 Rs. 25,000 – 35,000
1500 Rs. 37,000 – 52,500
2000 Rs. 50,000 – 70,000
2500 Rs. 62,500 – 87,000
3000     Rs. 75,000 – 1,05,000
3500     Rs. 87,000 – 1,22,000
4000       Rs. 1,00,000 – 1,40,000
4500       Rs. 1,12,500 – 1,57,000

Some FAQs:

  1. Does getting a hair transplant cause any side effects?

A hair transplant does not cause any severe side effects. There can be minor side effects like bleeding and scalp pain which is normal after getting a hair transplant. These side effects are temporary and go away after a few days post-surgery.

2. Are the results of hair transplantation permanent?

Hair transplantation is long-lasting and effective. Dr. G.K Sharma, says that at QHT Regrow Clinic, all treatments are performed by experienced and skillful doctors. A skilled surgeon can produce the best results for their clients.

3. What is the recovery period post hair transplant? 

The recovery period varies from person to person; on average, it takes about 6 – 9 months for the scalp to recover and heal completely.

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