Guide to Selecting the Best Men’s Underwear

Wearing proper underwear is necessary for everyone, especially the comfortable and breathable ones that provide adequate support. Several men don’t pay attention to the type, fabric material and overall quality of the innerwear they buy—some buy the one which is in trend or suggested by friends without knowing their own size, fitting and comfort. You’ll find many men’s underwear for sale in the online stores, but you need to look for the one which is right for you and for what purpose (sports, workout, formal, etc.) you need it.

Buying a good fitting and comfortable underwear doesn’t mean buying an expensive one. It is not that difficult to find the pair that will fit you better and are affordable. There are several types of innerwear in the market that are suitable for different purposes, and this article will list the different kinds of underwear from which you can choose the one that suits your requirement and fits well.

The different types of underwear are:

Briefs for a snug fit

This one has a standard Y-front and is known for providing maximum support. These types offer a snug and comfortable fit even with minimum frontal coverage. The groin area experiences minimum movement in this type of underwear, and it goes well with tight fit or trimmed pants and low-rise denim.

This one is great for guys with fuller thighs who want to sit and work long hours without discomfort. These types are usually made of cotton (min 50%) to absorb moisture very well.

Boxers/boxer briefs, the ultimate comfort

This one is a style that you can place between the trunks and boxer shorts. This will be perfect on your waist and is relaxed in the fitting and comfort department. Boxer briefs are great for men with fuller hips as it offers maximum coverage on both sides.

Soft and lightweight fabric materials are used to make this type of underwear.

Trunks, best of both worlds

Many prefer turns over the other types, as it offers a flattering fit of a brief and a silhouette of a boxer. This type of underwear doesn’t slide down or move to sides, and it has a tapered boxer fit. You can wear it with chinos, trousers, and shirt numbers (those required to be tucked in).

Cotton is the best fabric material for these types of undergarments as it offers a cool and comfortable fitting with less moisture.


Boxer shorts, breathe free.

This one offers maximum lower body coverage and has a relaxed fit. This type is best for the summer season, and some wear it to their bed as well—because of its maximum breathability and comfort, many go commando in it.

Mid-trunks, a workout friendly one

This type is ideal for people who workout regularly. It gives support for high endurance and complex training purposes. Usually, people wear supporters while lifting weights in the gym, but if you are doing it at home, you better get a mid-trunk.

Underwear is the basics, and you need to get undergarments of high quality and fitting shape. It is okay to buy when there’s men’s underwear for sale, but remember to buy the one that fits you better and is affordable. It is a simple piece of clothing, but its function is to protect and support your groin area during intense activities and workouts.

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