Guide on the dangers of asbestos to your health

Asbestos is a dangerous mineral which has been responsible for at least 5000 deaths every year. Now that you know how dangerous this building material is, it is only right that you thoroughly inspect your house to make sure you and your families are not exposed to it. The health implications are numerous to those directly exposed to the substance and even some types of cancer could fast develop. Professionals must be hired to come for both Asbestos Survey and the abatement of the substance from your building.

Asbestos used to be a building material in the 90s until it was banned from use by numerous governments. When checking it on your own, you should look at a number of areas in your home starting with popcorn ceilings, roofs and shingles, vinyl tiles, pipes and duct coverings, plasters and caulking, coatings and vermiculite insulations and so much more. Discussed here are some of the common health hazards that asbestos could cause to your life if one is exposed to it. Remember the earlier you can get treatment on the same, the better it could be for you.


This is a chronic non-cancerous disease which targets the respiratory system. Once you inhale asbestos fibers, the lung tissues aggravate easily leading to their scarring. You can notice the symptoms of the disease as they manifest in form of shortness of breath and crackling of lungs when you breathe in. while there are no known treatments for asbestosis, this condition has been known to lead to disabilities and even worse still be tragic in its last stages culminating in cardiac failure. You cannot get this disease from one exposure in the neighborhood or your family house however that should not mean letting your guard down. The nature of exposure is often the determinant of those who get this disease which mostly include those working in construction regions with asbestos exposure.

Lung cancer 

Smoking is known to increase chances of lung cancer and that can make it very fatal for smokers to be exposed to asbestos when compared to non-smokers. Lung cancer is the top cause for death in patients exposed to asbestos. The cause is however imminent if the patient has been known to work in extreme conditions like mining. The symptoms of the conditions include persistent chest pains, anemia and shortness of breath. It could easily become terminal when it attacks smokers as it rarely manifests in non-smokers.


Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the lining of the chest, lungs and rarely your heart however you abdomen area could be highly affected. All of the cases of mesothelioma found are caused by exposure to asbestos. It is a condition that one can easily get if they are over exposed to asbestos presence and that can includes a wide range of workers. Employees in asbestos mines, mills and factories must be given ideal protection against exposure to the same for instance protective gear to alleviate the possibility of becoming ill from the substance.

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