HealthFrom Superfood To Super-Carrier: A Little About Avocado Oil

From Superfood To Super-Carrier: A Little About Avocado Oil


You would never think that avocado oil has as many uses as it does, usually extracts and natural ingredients stick to one lane of beneficiaries – some naturally occurring elements are fantastic for food, others are perfectly suited for lotions and skincare, some are a beautiful mix of all of the above.

In case you haven’t figured it out, avocado oil is the star of this article today, to be fair, there has been a lot spoken about the fruit it is derived from for years. With scientists claiming it to be a superfood of some kind (which we won’t be arguing with), and politicians using the innocent fruit as a punching bag for detailing budgetary restraints in new generations of Australians. 

We’re going to avoid all of those hot-button annoyances and focus on the matter at hand. The various intrinsic uses for avocado oil, and its journey to become one of the most sought-after carrier extracts in the natural world, and a few creative uses for those playing at home. 

Extracting Avocado Oil 

There are many ways to garner avocado oil in a natural way, there are even a bunch of how-to guides for doing it at home (just be careful as always and always ensure you follow the best practices for safety). Most commonly the cold-pressing method is used on stone fruits to garner the most purified form of the extract and keep a lot of the unique characteristics that make avocado oil so desirable. 

From the tase, consistency, even subtle scents that can be derived from a pure, unrefined avocado oil are maintained in this common method. There are some who will use measures of heat and chemicals to illicit a faster yield or larger amount of overall product, and while there isn’t anything inherently wrong with that, there is cause for concern for the purists out there. 

Losing some of the basic fundamental attributes of the extract is enough to send anyone a little mad, especially if the intent is with the scent profile or consistency which can be negatively affected through using chemicals or heat to an extreme extent. 

One common query received regarding avocado oil as well as other similar extracts is that of refined and unrefined. Let’s get this out in the open, refined is not necessarily a negative staple to have on a natural product, even though the definitions seem to suggest a lesser-than proclivity. Refined refers to the process of deodorizing or bleaching a natural product to reduce some of the more outlier aspects of the product (taste, smell etc.) whereas an unrefined product is typically left alone to exude the unique properties of the natural agent it was derived from. 

While you may think refined avocado oil is not going to be too popular as a result, consider the vitamin properties and naturally occurring health benefits that exist in the extract, and think about those who don’t enjoy the taste of avocado oil (no judgement) who can now feel the benefits as a result of the refinery process. 

Carry On My Wayward Yum

Avocado oil is what is known as a ‘carrier’, which essentially means it can be the dilution solution for those who wish to incorporate more intense extracts into a product. The potent essentials market is rife with beautifully scented, but ultimately coarse builds that necessitate the use of a carrier to make it palatable for the skin or hair. 

Avocado oil is not the most common carrier, but it is increasingly becoming more popular in certain beauty circles around the world for its enriching qualities and natural cohesion with the epidermis. 

Chef’s Kiss-Worthy

Now we get into the fun part, the properties that make avocado oil so sought after and delectably popular in circles around the world. The profile is likened to its olive ointment counterpart wherein the consistency and overall feel are quite similar between the two. Where avocado oil makes its presence felt however is in the little idiosyncrasies that make it wholly unique. 

Its popularity in the culinary arts is well documented, mostly due to its flavourful feel and high smoking point which can be a factor of concern with other more popular alternatives. It is a little pricier thanks to the fruit’s overall popularity and scarcity of ample growing fields, but for those who have the extra cash lying around, avocado oil is certainly a big win in our book. 

The monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are simply fantastic for the body (in moderation of course) which lends itself to be a great alternative to the more fatty and less healthy cooking solutions available. 

Packed With Vitamins & Skin-Nourishing Minerals 

Yes, there are a number of healthy and wholesome vitamins and minerals packed into the miracle that is, avocado oil. One naturally occurring ingredient in the extract is oleic acid, which is fantastically beneficial for heart health and maintenance, in fact, it’s comprised of over 70% of the famed monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid

That’s not all the substance has going for it, avocado oil has the added caveats of containing a load of vitamins A, D, and E which nourishes and moisturises the skin to a grand degree. While vitamin E is a beautifully skin-nourishing element all on its own, the additional presence of potassium, lecithin and a range of antioxidants have allowed an easy absorption index and overall taut feel when applied to the skin.  

Uses In Ointments & Creams

You wouldn’t necessarily equate avocado oil with skincare and beauty, but you’d be wrong. The carrier has been instrumental in the success of a variety of skin care regimens and has been in popular use for longer than you may realise. 

While there are some outlandish claims in the world that will attest avocado oil to be the saving grace for all of life, but this is a little hyperbolic for us. Instead, its natural strength as a cohesive and adaptable carrier has engaged the interest of beauty manufacturers who are looking for a more natural method of introducing new and organic alternatives to chemically laden markets. 

The presence of so many antioxidants has showcased a natural ability all to itself, with sunburn treatments incorporating the extract more readily in their lineup to great success. The buttery feeling is also quite popular among the face cream markets for years, with a taut yet smooth finish being the ideal for many companies who have found avocado oil to be a great natural successor to the chemicals of yesteryear. 

Try It For Yourself

We could espouse all day about the wonderfully unique properties of avocado oil, but the best way to experience the extract is to try it for yourself. Having a gander online, you’ll find a large array of options available to you. Finding a retailer that keeps in touch with keeping their natural products sustainable is always recommended and be sure to check testimonials before jumping headfirst into purchasing. 

Grab a bottle of avocado oil today and throw it on a salad, cook your eggs with it, or simply try rubbing a bit on a dry patch of skin and see for yourself why so many people have adopted avocado oil as their personal touch. Place is for lovers of new twists in daily life

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