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Fibrocystic bresat disease


Cysts and fibrosis of the breast There may be occasions after you have breast augmentation. or not having surgery and cysts and fibrosis of the breast, this is not a true breast tumor. On palpation, you will feel that the cyst and fibrous milk will look like a lump that spreads as a rough plate, not very hard, the boundaries are not clear. This lump or disc is made up of fibrous tissue and a small cyst. grouped together

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The reason for that is not known for sure. But I believe that this condition is hereditary and has a sibling, aunt, uncle, mother, grandmother or grandmother who have had it before. Some research believes the condition is related to a high-fat diet. and drinking coffee When diagnosed with cysts and fibrosis of the breast Doctors therefore often recommend patients to reduce the diet high in fat. and refrain from drinking coffee

Breast cysts and fibrosis are related to estrogen. Therefore, it is more common in women of reproductive age, aged 30 to 50 years, less common in menopausal men. and people taking oral contraceptives

This condition usually affects both breasts. It was associated with premenstrual breast pain with ascending symptoms. So much so that I can’t stand the pain. Some people feel tight in their breasts all the time. Breast swelling before menstruation, causing discomfort and suffering, besides pain and discomfort, fear of cancer This is a condition that allows women to come to the doctor sooner than cystic fibrosis.


Surgery is definitely not the same as breast augmentation surgery. Surgical treatment may help with diagnosis. But when diagnosed with cysts and fibrosis of the breast Surgery is often not cured. because it may not be completely removed or can be reborn

symptomatic medication Doctors may treat symptoms such as pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs when in pain.

Anti-estrogen pills such as Tamoxifen are given in cases of severe pain.

alternative medicine In addition to recommending a low-fat diet Reduce or stop drinking coffee Choosing to use vitamin E, vitamin B6, herbs such as Evening primrose oil have been effective in some cases.

Taking birth control pills may reduce symptoms of this condition

Breast cysts

It is a cyst that occurs in milk. It is more common in women aged 35 to 50 years, or menopause women taking hormone replacement therapy.

The occurrence of cysts is related to female hormones that stimulate the mammary glands to become cysts.

These cysts are usually not very hard lumps, not large in size. When feeling tight on the surface of the lump, it may be painful. Feel the boundaries of the lump clearly.

Ultrasound and special mammograms (mammograms) can diagnose this condition. Because it’s not cancerous and doesn’t turn into cancer. may not require treatment

If it hurts or bothers May be used to suck out the water in the cyst. These cysts tend to disappear.

Inflamed lump or abscess in the breast

These lumps are often swollen, tender, painful, the skin becomes red and hot, some people have a high fever.

Caused by bacteria invading the mammary glands and milk ducts. Mostly with women who are breastfeeding. Because bacteria from the baby’s mouth invade into the milk ducts through the nipples.


It is generally not difficult to diagnose. because the symptoms often come on quickly


Give antibiotics, painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, if the abscess must be punctured.

Be aware that this condition is not an inflammation. Because there is a type of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer. (Inflammatory breast cancer), which is a rapidly spreading breast cancer. It is similar to mastitis, namely breast pain, swelling, redness, sometimes misdiagnosed as mastitis.

Therefore, if suspected of inflammatory lumps or abscesses in the breast It’s best to see your doctor for a checkup.

Fat lumps in the breast

These lumps are usually soft. moving Not as hard as a fibrous tumor of the breast or cysts and fibrosis of the breast If you suspect that it is not a fat mass Ultrasound examination can help diagnose.

It generally doesn’t require surgery or treatment. because it does not cause any harm. Importantly, the symptoms should always be observed.

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