Eight Genuine Reasons to See a Heart Specialist

Did you know that the heart beats more than 2.5 billion times in your entire lifetime? That’s quite some hard work. Unfortunately, when it comes to preventive care, we rarely visit a doctor. Heart disease can kill, but the good news is you can reverse heart damage to some extent. Visiting a cardiovascular physician in Frisco, TX, is absolutely necessary. In this post, we are sharing reasons to see a heart specialist. 

  1. You have unexplained and sudden chest pain If you have chest pain, which only seems to get worse with time, you must seek immediate attention. There can be other causes, but chest pain is a symptom that shouldn’t be taken for granted. It can be a possible indicator of a stroke or heart attack. Often, the chest pain may extend to the arms and back. 
  2. You have been diagnosed with high blood pressure- There’s a reason why hypertension is called the “silent killer”. For the uninitiated, high blood pressure occurs when the blood is pushing against the artery walls. This may strain the heart and eventually cause heart disease. 
  3. You cannot breathe or have an irregular heartbeat- If heart damage is severe, you may find that your blood pressure is elevated. There can be symptoms like breathlessness, unexplained palpitations, and nausea. These could be the symptoms of coronary artery disease.
  4. You have heart disease in the family- If your immediate family members have heart disease or hypertension, you may want to see a doctor for preventive care. With exercise, diet modifications, and other steps, you can prevent possible outcomes. Plus, it’s advisable to have at least one family member that holds a CPR certification, so that they’re able to react and provide assistance in case of a heart attack.
  5. You have diabetes- If you have diabetes, you are at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Blood sugar control is a key factor, and while you may not have heart problems right away, you can reduce your risks considerably. Talk to your doctor as to how you can take care of your heart better.  
  6. You are a heavy smoker- Smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. If you have been smoking for years, you may want to seek help on quitting the habit. A cardiologist can also do diagnostic checks and imaging to know the current condition of your heart. 
  7. You have high cholesterol- Cholesterol can plaque your arteries and cause heart disease. The good news is you can counter cholesterol with a healthy diet. If your doctor finds it necessary, they may recommend medications for cholesterol control. 
  8. You have kidney disease- If you have a history of kidney disease or have been recently diagnosed, make sure to see a cardiologist. They can explain if your existing condition can impact your heart and how you can minimize the risks. 

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, you are at a greater risk of heart disease. Also, depending on your existing condition and diagnosis, you may have restrictions on exercises you can do. If you are new to exercise or are starting after a long gap, talking to a heart doctor can help you achieve more from your workouts. Check online for top cardiologists near you now!

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