Dermaplaning Near Me : Frequently Asked Questions Answered

Lots of people type dermaplaning near me into search engines these days, as it’s one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted peach fuzz from the face. However, if you’ve not had the treatment before, like most people, you’re going to want to ask a few questions. 

With this in mind, we’re now going to go through a few of the most frequently asked questions about it, so that you have a better idea of how things will work when you turn up for your appointment. So, to avoid any unnecessary hyperbole, let’s get straight to it. 

“Is dermaplaning painful?”

Actually, no it’s not. In fact, having a dermaplaning near me treatment is pretty much painless. When it’s done by a pro, an expert hand guides the surgical steel blade gently across the skin. Applied at a 45 degree angle, dead skin and vellus hair are removed, so there’s no reason any discomfort should occur.

“Is the aftercare pretty simple?”

Yes, as in the days after the treatment, all that’s recommended is that you wear sunscreen if you’re going out, but ideally avoid the sun completely. You should also refrain from using exfoliants and retinol products on the area, with some choosing to stay away from makeup altogether during the period.

“Should I have dermaplaning done often?”

It is a treatment that you’ll want to repeat, but you have to be careful not to do it too often in an attempt to maintain the look. Ideally, you’ll be having a second treatment around a month after the first, as it takes that long for vellus hair to regrow.

“Is dermaplaning appropriate for other parts of the body?”

No, it’s not something that’s applicable. Waxing and shaving, sure, but not dermaplaning. 

“Facial hair grows back darker and thicker when it’s cut, right?”

Yes and no. When you shave your entire face, sure. You could face that problem, but that’s not what a dermaplaning near me treatment involves. Vellus hair regrows, but only in its original state – plus the follicles aren’t touched, which means that you have no worries about dark hair appearing.

“Is home dermaplaning a good idea?”

There are a number of dermaplaning products on the market, but we really wouldn’t recommend trying it on your own face. It can be very easy to guide the blade over your skin without nicking or cutting yourself, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

“Does dermaplaning work for everyone?”

It works for many, but it’s not ideal for acne sufferers or anyone else with facial wounds or lesions. Also, anyone who’s had dermal fillers or botox should wait at least a week before having dermaplaning near me treatment.

Trust in Your Local Neighbourhood Dermatologist

We hope that the information we’ve provided here is something that helps you and it’s worth reiterating that you shouldn’t really try cosmetic treatments like these by yourself. You might save a few bucks by using a DIY dermaplaning kit, but the risks of hurting yourself are just too high to ignore. 

So, there you have it. Follow this guidance and you should be fine. is Get The Latest Fashion website. At One Place like Arts Culture, Movies, entertainment, Technology, Travel and Fitness and health news here  and

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