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Common Website Design Mistakes and Their True Cost to Your Plastic Surgery Practice

A website is your business’s first point of contact with most of your new clients. Any professional will tell you that first impressions matter, so a poorly designed web page dissuades potential clients from investing in or consuming your company services further. 

But what mistakes are you likely to make in your plastic surgery web design services?

Common Web Design Issues

1. Too Cluttered

A neat and well-organized website is what every cosmetic surgery patient wants to encounter when they log onto your website. The user wants to see good imagery, value-adding content, and a compelling call to action, all arranged in an attractive format. 

Cramming too much information into a single page can leave your client feeling overwhelmed and craving the order they will get from a competing webpage.

2. Content Problems

Creating high–value, easy-to-read content for your clients is important when converting sales. Good content will also boost your ranking in the search engine, improving traffic and solidifying your reputation. Keeping your website content up to date is also important so your clients are not getting outdated information.

3. Content Does Not Meet User Expectations

Website usability is a vital cog in your website’s performance wheel. It should be designed to be compatible with different screens and operating systems and contain relevant information. Research shows that poor website usability makes clients leave the page within the first three seconds. If you need more clarification about your website’s user-friendliness, allow users to leave feedback.

4. Too Much Color and Animation

Too much color and animation leave your website looking tacky and unprofessional. Employ the services of a website developer to design a luxurious website for your company.

Most websites and the corresponding business realize the value of a good website design. Yet they fail to ensure their website design is up to code. Why is this the case? The most common reason for a poorly designed website is budget restrictions.

Without enough funds for a website, entrepreneurs may opt for a cheaper price resulting in bad website design. It is also possible that the surgeon needs to realize the great impact a well-designed website has on the practice. Let’s look at how a poorly designed website can affect your practice.

How Does Bad Website Design Affect Your Plastic Surgery Practice?

Bad website design services can damage your hard-earned credibility. Hence, a poorly designed website displays a lack of professionalism that has an undisputed effect on your bottom line. In addition, a poorly designed website will cost you, future customers.

Every time a client leaves your website feeling unsatisfied with the service, they are not likely to come back. For sure, a bad first experience will always leave a bad taste in the client’s mouth. Losing potential clients may not actively affect your finances, but it will eventually come back and bite in the future.

Web Design Service FAQ

How much does a website cost?

When it comes to a new website or a web developer, there is no one-size-fits-all. A web designer or developer will likely charge an hourly rate, while a brand-new website can attract a one-time fee. The web developer’s rate can depend on their skill level as well as their experience in the field. That said, most websites and website developers cost around $5000 cumulatively.

How long does it take to set up a new website?

Eight weeks is a reasonable time to get a website up and running. Of course, this is assuming the client is highly communicative and cooperative.

Can I build my website?

You can try building your own website using website builder tools available in the market. However, owing to the nature of a doctor’s work, it may not be easy to get time to build a functional website.

Who hosts a website?

To get your website up and running, you have to choose a provider to host your website. Usually, when working with a web developer, they will take care of choosing a website host for you.

Does my website design affect website traffic?

A poor website layout can affect your ranking in the search engine, reducing website traffic. Reduced website traffic consequently affects your sales conversion rates.

Is a website design theme important?

A website theme is essential for the web developer to build around. It helps keep the color scheme simple and dictates the font size and formatting. Always ensure your website theme is a close match with your brand theme.

How often should the website design be updated?

Most companies and surgical practices like to maintain a website theme to keep an air of familiarity for the client. However, once every two to three years, it is advisable to redesign your website by changing a few aspects. This way, your patients recognize your firm as one that is growing both in practice and on paper.

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