HealthCan You Sue an Athletic Organization for a TBI?

Can You Sue an Athletic Organization for a TBI?


Several athletic groups are resuming sporting events under new safety regulations after more than a year without competition. In addition to protecting spectators and athletes from COVID-19, these precautions protect athletes from far more dangerous traumatic brain injury (TBI). Unfortunately, many elements are involved. If you are an athlete, you know you could suffer a TBI anytime. During this difficult time, lawyers will help you with the struggles and profoundly investigate the accident that caused your injuries and the events that occurred.

Institutions or Groups Liable for a TBI

According to the organization or school district, a mandatory permission waiver must be signed by a parent, legal guardian, or person over 18 to participate in athletics. These documents prevent you from suing the school district or sports league for injuries caused by the inherent dangers of sports. Following are some examples of inherent risk in various sports.

  • Football: Injuries resulting from late tackles or false starts.
  • Basketball: Passing due to fatigue or a broken bone after falling on the court after exercise.
  • Baseball: A foul ball hitting a player in the dugout or a line driver injuring the pitcher.
  • Baseball: A line drive that causes an injury to a pitcher or a foul ball that strikes a player in the dugout.
  • Soccer: A sprained ankle from chasing a ball or a traumatic brain injury from a hit to the head.
  • Cheerleading: A head injury or broken limb while performing a stunt.

Despite the consent form completion, there may be situations where a school or sports group is responsible for injuries, even though the risk was not inherent to the sport.

Compensation You May Receive for Sports Injury

A TBI attorney may seek compensation for the following damages after reviewing your case:

  • Medical expenses
  • Bills for physical treatment
  • Permanent impairments
  • Distress and suffering

If you can sue the irresponsible person, remember that they almost certainly have an insurance company and legal counsel looking out for their best interests. Insurance companies will use tactics to reduce or deny your claim, and lawyers will look for information that could implicate you in the accident.

Examples of Successful Sports Injury Cases

A case involving an athlete who suffered a traumatic brain injury resulted in an $11.5 million award by a Colorado jury in 2013. The player’s family sued the football helmet manufacturer Radial and several high school officials and coaches, alleging brain injuries. The jury determined that Riddle was at fault for failing to warn people of the dangers of concussion when donning the helmet. The family also filed a lawsuit against their child’s soccer coach after he suffered a head injury, and no one rushed him to the hospital.

A jury in Tampa awarded above $800,000 to the base player’s family who died during a preseason session in 2011. The kid’s heart condition was dangerous, yet the coaches allowed him to participate in conditioning drills.


Accident victims who suffer brain damage may face lifelong struggles and hardships. An experienced TBI attorney on your side can help you get the most money possible for your losses and injuries. Remember that Americans injured in accidents have only limited time to file a personal injury claim. A lawyer can do more work if you call them as soon as possible.

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