Best Proteins For Weight-Loss

The common misconception today is that protein is used to build muscle and look bigger. Although it is used for that, bulking is not the only benefit protein provides.

One of the other significant advantages of proteins is that it plays an integral part in weight loss. With less amount of protein offering more food satisfaction than fats and carbs, they help your body healthily shed weight.

With a protein-rich diet entailing lower BMIs and slender waists, it provides a significant boost to your metabolism and helps build muscle.

So, what are the best whey protein powders? Read on to find out!

Best types of protein for weight loss

With a multitude of protein sources all around us, which ones will help you shed weight? Let’s find out by going through the below-mentioned points.

Whey Protein

Clearly, the most highly consumed protein powders out there, Whey protein, takes the title of the most sold share of protein supplements in Australia for 2021. But what do the best whey protein powders provide in terms of value and nutrition?

Whey protein is generally synonymous with muscle and body-building, but the milk-based protein can also be used to shed weight. Whey protein essentially prevents you from indulging in excess eating by enhancing fullness and decreasing appetite.

If integrated into your diet correctly, whey protein can help you shed a lot of weight.

Moreover, Whey protein is easily broken down and absorbed by your body, making it the perfect after-workout intake for muscle development and recovery.

Casein Protein

The other milk protein, Casein, is generally digested slower in comparison to its counterpart (Whey). Although, Casein shares the weight-loss properties possessed by Whey.

With a much slower rate of digestion, Casein generally makes you feel fuller for longer than Whey. As a result, you will eat lesser, regulate your food intake, and shed extra weight.

Moreover, Casein protein is also a treasure trove of Calcium, further increasing the value it adds to your meal.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is definitely not as great as Whey protein, but it has its perks. One of the only plant-based proteins containing all nine amino acids required by our body, Soy protein also has a similar appetite-reducing effect, enforcing control on eating habits.

This significantly reduces the calorie intake of your body. Therefore, it is the premium source of protein for vegans and people who don’t rely on milk for their protein intake.

Brown Rice Protein

Another replacement for dairy or animal product-based protein sources, Brown rice protein happens to be an incomplete source of protein and has to be paired and supplemented with another protein source.

Although, brown rice protein does have similar weight-loss and muscle development properties, making it ideal for consumption with another high-quality weight-loss protein supplement.

Egg White Protein

Another perfect option for people staying away from milk-based proteins, egg white proteins are derived from processing a dehydrated chicken egg, which is later turned into powder.

Although, isn’t the yolk the nutrient-rich part of the egg? Well, it is. But the whites are almost purely made up of protein and are low on fat and carb content.


Protein powder supplements are a great way of losing all the unwanted weight, given their appetite reduction. With considerably control over excessive eating, you can now set your diet straight and lead a healthier life.

Although, before buying, check the table of contents and gauge the quality of the supplement for the best whey protein powder.

Once quality assurance is done, you can integrate it into your diet and workout plan, helping you shed weight and build muscle faster!

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