HealthAutomated Pipetting: A Beginners Introduction To How It Works...

Automated Pipetting: A Beginners Introduction To How It Works And The Benefits It Can Provide To A Scientific Laboratory


A pipette is a type of vial that is used in scientific laboratories to hold liquid samples used for testing. Because substance testing is so widespread in labs, pipettes are used routinely for testing.

Where pipettes can offer a precise vessel for testing and therefore achieve the necessary and desired results, the testing process can often be time consuming and laborious. Another common issue is that testing results may not be fully accurate if there is a slight variation in testing styles or liquid amounts.

An answer to the above issues has come in the way of automated pipetting machines. Robotic pipetting comes in several different forms but are produced to offer the same benefits: quick and reliable testing procedures.

Some variations to robotic pipetting can include the option for either automated or manual tray switching and pipette tip changing. Depending on the amount of automation, robotic pipetting can be labelled as automatic, semi-automatic, and manual.

Positive and air sample displacement

Automated pipetting follows the same routine as is done manually which are the processes of positive displacement and air displacement.

Positive displacement is used for handling testing samples that have high density and so necessitates a high air pressure. The plastic tips used are the key here, where built-in pistons allow for complete ejection of the liquid. Because of this the plastic tips here are built uniquely and so are not used by other forms of liquid dispension.

Air displacement is based on a piston-cylinder system that helps with the precision in measurements. Air displacement can work with lighter density materials. The piston works with an attached plunger that ensures equal amounts of air and liquid. Aspiration does its job by forming an air cushion that keeps the liquid separate from the piston.

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