Acne on the face is a big deal for girls.

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Acne is not a serious problem. As long as that red, blistered, blistered, large or small red pill hasn’t appeared on our faces yet. But if those acne days when it appears. No matter how small it is, it can really bother us.

Acne is something that can happen all the time. It doesn’t always have to be in adolescence, but at any age, acne เจลล้างหน้า can still come to us at any time.

But we don’t worry too much. Acne can come as well. But first we will come to know how to get rid of acne goodies, let’s see that. Acne is caused by what?

Acne is an inflammation that occurs in the hair follicles and sebaceous glands. due to clogging under the pores thus causing a blister which has pus inside There are many types of acne. Either whiteheads, blackheads, or convex blisters and have pus

Where did this acne come from?

Acne can be caused by a variety of reasons, including:

  1. Hormones: Hormones are the main reason within the body that causes acne to occur. The body produces the hormone Androgen when entering puberty (about 11-14 years of age). For girls, it occurs before and after menstruation. This hormone causes the body to produce more fat and stimulates the sebaceous glands to enlarge, thus causing too much of the skin’s natural moisturizer oil. When oil flows from the sebaceous glands to the hair follicles. and combined with dead skin cells and bacteria It causes a blockage. and can cause acne
  2. Heredity: if parents or relatives Or someone in the same blood is a person with acne. It has the effect of making us acne.
  3. Inadequate cleaning: dust, bacteria, germs that we receive each day It is another factor that causes clogged pores on the face. until causing infection and acne including the washing of unclean makeup until causing residues of cosmetics on the face That results in clogging and acne as well.
  4. Emotions and stress: during the period when the mind is in an abnormal state. such as during high stress The circulatory system in our body is abnormal. resulting in sebaceous glands Excessive sebum production can lead to clogging and acne.
  5. Using cream, soap or powder: applying cream or powder on the skin. Until causing clogging of the fat drainage holes on the skin causing acne or allergic reactions to chemicals in creams, powders or soaps can also cause acne.

Location of acne on the face What can you tell?

Location 1, forehead area

Problems related to the bladder, adrenal glands and digestive system Including the issue of stress as well.

2nd position between the eyebrows

Caused by late sleep or eating too much spicy food

3rd position, around the ears on both sides

There may be problems related to kidney function. Eating too much meat, coffee, or alcohol or caused by uncleanness from washing shampoo or the soap does not come out completely

4th position, around the cheeks on both sides

If acne occurs on the upper cheek area There may be problems related to the sinuses and lungs. If the pimples on the lower cheeks are related to the gums and teeth. from a chronic cold or smoking too much

Location 5, around the eyes on both sides

There may be problems related to kidney function. little rest the presence of toxins in the body and wearing glasses until it causes friction around the eyes

Location 6, around the nose and above the lips.

There may be a problem with the functioning of the heart. reproductive system and hormones or in the near period of menstruation

Location 7, the area under the left and right lips.

There may be a problem related to ovarian function. or hormonal imbalance in the body and the matter of cleaning the mouth area after eating

Position 8 at the tip of the chin

relating to the stomach and small intestine The cause may be eating too spicy food that ulcers in the intestines. or have problems absorbing

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