6 Innovative Ideas for Your Next Pool Remodeling Project


Pools are an escape from the tortuous heat that you may be troubled with every summer. It is also a facility where you might want to spend your leisure time. When it comes to an outdoor living space, it often has a pool, which, if well maintained, can provide immense pleasure to its users. Sometimes, a pool has to be remodeled specifically because it is old and malfunctioning or the design has to be changed.

Installing A Pressure Water System

  • A pressure water system can be used in any outdoor living space next to the pool or within the preexisting pool.
  • The idea behind this innovation is that people love to relax in jacuzzis, but they also want the same comfort in a swimming pool.
  • Pressure systems will massage the bodies of the users as and how they desire.
  • This can be done by adding the same water pumps that are used to supply water into the pool.
  • By simply relocating the water inlet to the walls, it can become a viable alternative to thrusters.

Adding a Cover

  • Adding a cover to the pool is an essential requirement for most pools.
  • This cover can be added with a slight modification in the sense that the design of the cover can be made of tempered glass.
  • Doing so will keep the water clean and also flaunt your swimming pool, thus uplifting the look of your outdoor living space.


  • The tiles of the swimming pool can be changed to a mosaic tile system.
  • It will give the pool a medieval look, as certain classical water bodies have in Europe and the Middle East.
  • It will be suitable if you wish to reuse the tiles that are already there in the swimming pool.

Granite Based Flooring

  • Another option is to switch to a granite-based flooring system.
  • Although the granite cannot be polished completely, it shall uplift the look of the pool altogether.
  • A darker granite will keep the pool a lot warmer in the sun, while whiter granites will keep it cooler.
  • You may select the shade based on both how warm you want the water to remain and also the appearance of the outdoor living space.

Adding Unique Slides

  • Slides and water games are going to be a fun element that can be added not only for kids but also for adults.
  • The slides may depend upon the type of adventure and risk you want.
  • It is advisable to ensure that the safety rating of any of these installations is appropriate enough to avoid accidents.

Installing A Fountain

  • A fountain can be installed at one end of the pool, like in the case of private Chinese pools.
  • The fountain can have a mythological dragon’s mouth opening or a classical waterfall appearance.
  • It will also serve the purpose of supplying water to the pool.


A swimming pool is not only something that brings joy but also adds value to the property itself. Therefore, it is ideal to opt for an innovative remodeling strategy.

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