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What is Cloud Gaming?- Best Cloud Gaming Services to Get Right Now


While there are streaming services for watching your favorite shows and movies, gamers have long pondered what would it be like if game rendering could be done in a data center thousands of miles away and the resulting gaming experience blasted to them over the internet.

That’s where industry powerhouses like Sony, Microsoft, and NVidia have lately focused their efforts. With amazing service providers like AT&T internet, you may enjoy lightning-fast internet as well as the most popular PC games, which are playable on mobile and other devices you already possess. AT&T Internet offers a plethora of incredible services that easily suit the demands of everyone while cloud gaming with AT&T will help keep you in control of the game.

The unique concept behind cloud gaming was to run video games on remote servers and stream them directly to a user’s device, or to put it another way, to play a game remotely from the cloud. Sony then went out and bought Onlive, while NVidia is creating data centers around the world filled with graphics processors in a bid to make video beaming a paradigm variable, and there’s a lot of intriguing stuff about the strategy. There will be no upfront payment for a new Xbox every year, instead opting for a monthly subscription that might end up being cheaper, especially for light users, owing to the service provider’s bulk licensing of the games.

Continue reading to discover the best cloud gaming services to get this year, as we have hand-picked the best available options on the market.

1. GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Service

NVidia had been squeezing the market for a while, with its GeForce Now Service in a lengthy beta phase. Now that it’s available, you can play games like Darkside Genesis, Doom, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive with unprecedented ease. The claim by NVidia of 1080p gaming at 60 frames per second is true, and you can play all of your favorite games without interruption. You can also use Wi-Fi connections to play games on Android, bringing your favorite titles like Dead Cells, Doom, and Counter-Strike to your fingertips. Other amazing features of the GeForce Now Cloud Gaming Service are below:

Features of GeForce Now

  • The best thing about the service is that you can start using it for free while its Priority plan, which costs $9.99 per month, is also among the most affordable options.
  • It can be used on any device from laptops to mobile phones, and even SHIELD TV.
  • There is an Nvidia GeForce Now App for your android, PC, Mac, and Chromebook. For other users, Nvidia has provided a solution in the form of a web app that can be accessed through Safari and allows you to play AAA games on your iPhone or iPad without having to download a separate application.
  • GeForce NOW links to PC game e-stores, allowing you to stream your existing game catalog and enjoy thousands of games.

2. Xbox Cloud Gaming Service

Microsoft’s game-streaming service, Xbox Cloud Gaming is offered in 26 countries as part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and operates as a supplement to its Xbox One and Xbox Series X / Series S gaming consoles. Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is exclusively available as part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, allows you to stream a number of Xbox games and play them wherever you get internet access, eliminating the need to purchase a console or a large gaming computer. Following are some of the amazing features of Xbox Cloud Gaming Service:

Features of Xbox Cloud Gaming Service

  • You may play hundreds of high-quality games via the cloud on consoles, PCs, phones, and tablets, as well as experience new games as they are released.
  • Microsoft has created a “touch input interface” that allows you to play games without a controller on a tablet or smartphone screen.
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming is exclusively available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. This service costs $15 per month and includes a variety of other features, such as Xbox Live Gold.
  • Initially, the service offered 720p streaming, but it has now been improved to 1080p gameplay with 60 frames per second.

3. Shadow Cloud Gaming Services

Shadow is one of the most well-known cloud gaming services, and it’s simple to understand why given its promise of high-performance gaming for everyone. It offers sleek PC technology at a fraction of the price, as well as a large gaming library. Shadow provides you with a whole Windows 10 PC in the cloud, rather than a bite-sized slice of a server. On Shadow, you can accomplish anything that you do on a Windows 10 device. Some of the amazing features offered by Shadow Cloud Gaming Service are below:

Features of Shadow Cloud Gaming Service

  • You can easily start all of your favorite games in full HD at over 100 frames per second.
  • Shadow now has three plans and has grown more inclusive, allowing more people to enjoy the best games. The Boost plan starts at around $11.99 per month, the Ultra plan costs $24.99 per month, and the Infinite plan costs $39.99 per month.
  • Unlike other services, Shadow does not come with a limited game collection. Any game that runs nicely on a regular Windows 10 computer will run smoothly on Shadows.

4. PlayStation Now

PlayStation’s cloud service allows you to play some of the best-selling PlayStation games without having to download them, along with the ability to play selected games on PC, and it’s a wonderful option as you don’t need to wait for lengthy downloads. PS Now is a fantastic service for PlayStation lovers who wish to play their way through a backlog of games that might otherwise be inaccessible without a PS 4 or PS5. Some of the main features of the PS Now Cloud gaming service are below:

Features of PlayStation Now Cloud Gaming Service

  • In comparison to other cloud gaming services, PS Now is a considerably less expensive service with a wider user base.
  • Thousands of PlayStation games are available online, as well as PS4 titles that can be played offline.
  • The games are streamed at a reasonable 1080p resolution.
  • The latency is also rather good, with only a few milliseconds of delay between commands.

To conclude

It’s fair to say that cloud gaming is all the rage these days, and with good cause. The concept of being able to play PC-quality games on any device with an internet connection is tempting. With so many cloud gaming services to choose from, it’s crucial to pick the ideal one for your gaming needs. We’ve collected a list of the best cloud gaming services so you can pick one that best suits your needs.

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