GamesWhat experience is better: playing Hello Kitty games or...

What experience is better: playing Hello Kitty games or watching the series?


Almost every time when it comes to the adaptation of a famous novel, people discuss whether the movie is really better than the book. However, for this article, we’ve prepared an even more interesting & rarer debate: what experience is better, playing Hello Kitty games or watching the series? From our point of view, the answer is clear, as you’ll see below, where we explain the reasons why the first option is definitely preferable to the second, regardless of who this question is addressed to. Keep reading to find out the arguments and don’t take our word for it, try it yourself!

  1. Hello Kitty games are more interactive. First of all, it’s clear that a game will always be more interactive than an episode of a series because you are the one controlling, literally and figuratively, everything that happens in it. Therefore, your mood will influence your performance, which affects the character’s progress through increasingly difficult levels. Thus, a moment of distraction can make you lose the game, without being able to go back and rewind to a certain moment, like in a series;

  1. They are different all the time. Secondly, the same game, even the same level of a game, will be different every time you play, depending on a very large number of factors. It’s almost like the butterfly effect, where a seemingly insignificant change can lead, over time, to unexpected consequences. Instead, logically, the episodes have no way to change, and the only thing that can differ, making your experience a relatively new one, is your state of mind;
  1. They can be enjoyed 1 v 1. Also, Hello Kitty games, unlike the episodes in the series, can be enjoyed 1 v 1, through the 2-player or multiplayer experience. What could be more satisfying, both for a child and for an adult, than to compete and win against a brother, colleague, or best friend? Of course, you can also watch a series with someone, but the experience is still an individual one. Think of a movie theater versus a game room: which one sounds more fun, from a socializing point of view?
  1. New Hello Kitty games appear much more often. Last but not least, new Hello Kitty games appear much more often than new episodes of the series, for reasons that are easy to understand. First of all, they are much cheaper to produce, secondly, there must not be a consensus and linearity between different games, unlike consecutive episodes, etc. Therefore, diversity is the watchword when it comes to such games, therefore you never get bored. If you’re interested in combat and the beauty of your weapons, you’re here:

In conclusion, now that you know games are better than the episodes in the series, it’s time to find out where to play the best ones. The website hosts over 175 games starring Hello Kitty, as well as all her friends, presenting them in different scenarios & life situations: at home, in the city, at the spa etc. Test them all and tell us if we are right!

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