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Future Tech Trends That Will Change Gaming

A report from New Accenture reveals the value of the global gaming industry today exceeds $300 Billion, making it the wealthiest entertainment industry in the world!

Multiple factors about games attract people to indulge. From vibrant and real-money slot game providers offering attractive sign-up offers to play, to team-based games allowing friends to connect and bond from any device wherever they might be in the world. 

Using the example of online slots, gaming companies that offer it face such huge competition from another, they must pull out all the stops to attract players, which only makes the experience better for players as they are likely to be treated to bonuses and high-quality games.

In the case of team-based games, players can now interact with friends on the other side of the world, meaning gaming has become more than just a pastime, it’s a way of socialising. 

The gaming world has been successful through enticing and engaging a humongous audience for these reasons and more below;

Fantasy: Whether playing a survival game, shooting zombies, or joining a battle royale-style competition. In-game, players can live out fantasies in a safe environment without any repercussions, boundaries, and restrictions imposed in everyday life. 

Mastery: Many video games today require a certain level of physical or mental skill to accomplish. 

Whether faster reaction skills or working out a strategy to overcome a big boss. 

The mental acuity and effort needed to succeed in some games followed by a reward, such as points and congratulations and access to a more complex level. Is often fulfilling for players, giving them a sense of achievement and more self-confidence. 

Career: The world of streamers and esports continues to grow. As such, more people are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities to make a career out of their favorite pastime. 

As a result, some dedicated players spend hours perfecting their technique on high-profile games in hopes of becoming a professional gamer in the future.

Technological improvements and the lure of mobile games on devices have attracted a much wider audience, contributing to the industry’s rapid growth in the past few decades. 

To sustain and increase the gaming sector’s success. Numerous reputable gaming providers are looking to the future of gaming to see what new technology will enthral existing gamers and attract new individuals. 

For some insight into what future tech trends are likely to revolutionize gaming in the future. Here we take a peek into what’s next.


In Comparison to 3G, 4G was the godsend for gamers wanting faster, uninterrupted games to play when they were away from their home’s internet supply. 

While some may have thought it impossible to improve an already excellent internet connection. 5G is stepping forward to take over its predecessor. 

5G is reportedly 600 times faster than 4Gs average speed on devices. To put the magnitude of 5Gs rate into perspective, with 5G connectivity, device users can download a 4kHD film in a speedy 25 seconds. 

While 5G exists, it’s yet to be rolled out worldwide. As most territories will need to implement new costly technology to provide 5Gs enhanced connectivity. 

Moreover, avid gamers will need to purchase portable gaming devices compatible with 5G to use it.

Virtual Reality

Fully immersive virtual reality enables users to interact and explore a 3D world. 

Years ago, VR technology was used exclusively as a simulation device to support professional training, such as budding pilots learning how to fly. 

Over the years, gaming developers saw the potential virtual reality technology could have in the gaming sphere. 

In turn, gaming headsets such as the oculus were created alongside VR-type games. And companies such as casino providers began toying with the idea of creating a virtual casino to reach and entice a more extensive audience searching for a life-like casino experience.

However, while it’s progressed over the past few decades, virtual reality gaming is still in its infancy. 

Although more gaming companies are eager to explore and enhance the VR experience, there’s an ongoing investment to improve this sector for the future. 

For instance, according to the IDC, investments in VR and AR are predicted to increase by 2024 to $17.4 Billion. 

In turn, VR creators will iron out some of the current issues with the immersive gaming experience. Such as motion sickness. And the imagery in VR is likely to improve significantly too. 

Additionally, over time, the cost of VR devices will reduce and become more accessible to a broader audience. 

Which means in the future, gamers could be pushing aside or replacing their controllers and keyboards in favour of their enhanced VR headsets for a truly immersive gaming experience.

Augmented Reality

AR has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years, changing the way people shop online, learn, navigate buildings indoors, and so forth. 

The market’s value is expected to climb to $25 billion by 2025, and this growth is set to continue way into the future.

The sector which is predicted to generate the most significant revenue stream for AR is video games. With an estimated income of $11.6 billion. And findings support the notion AR games will increase in popularity in the future as technology is improved.

For instance, research shows 66 percent of people questioned during a study said they are interested in AR gaming. In addition, almost 40% of current AR gamers think that gaming will be more attractive once the games improve and the AR glasses are more affordable.

Future Tech Trends Will Change Gaming

Since the emergence of arcades and games consoles in the seventies, the gaming sphere has improved extensively. 

While it may seem impossible to improve an already large, varied, and successful gaming market. The technology trends mentioned above are expected to further revolutionize and enhance the gaming experience.

And so, for most of us, we’ll be fortunate to witness and perhaps even experience VR and AR at its full capacity in this lifetime.

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