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Everything You Need To Know About Reversi Game

If you do not know about the Othello game then you are probably missing out on a lot of fun and thrill. Also known as the reversi game it is one of the most exciting games when it comes to games that involve two players. In this article, we are going to talk about Othello- the reversi game. Right from the game components to how the game is being played and the little tricks and tips in between which will help you to win every session of Othello you play on the internet. If you are new to the game, then you should read this article carefully till the end.

The game components of Othello- the reversi game

To begin with, you will need a square board of measurements 8×8. Those who already own a chessboard, are good to go. Chess boards will facilitate the game just fine. In addition to the board, players will also require 64 discs which will be colored black and white on each side of the discs. 

Let’s talk about the setting of the game

Players will be required to place 4 discs, 2 black sides face up and 2 white sides face upon the center of the board facing each other. You can also call the direction of the black discs as north-eastern to south-western direction while the white discs will be facing the north-western to South-eastern direction.

What is the aim of the reversi game- Othello?

While different games on the internet have a different complicated set of rules and aim to begin with, the objective of Othello is fairly simple. By the end of the game, whichever player’s colored discs make the majority on the board, wins the game. Simple, right?

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The gameplay of the reversi game

Othello happens to be a strategic board game that is played between 2 people. One player plays the black discs while the other plays the white discs. The player with the black discs gets to initiate the game while both the players get 32 colored discs each. The game usually follows the pattern where black and white will make alternate moves on the board until if one player is not able to make a valid move to outrank the opponent player. In addition to that, if both the players do not have any valid moves left. In case a player doesn’t have any valid move, then the move passes onto the opponent.  But this also brings us to our next point, that a player cannot forfeit his or her turn voluntarily.  In case both the players are unable to make valid moves in the game, then the game ends there.

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What are the valid moves in Othello- the reversi game?

The first and foremost valid rule in Othello is that the player with the black disc always makes the first move. A player will make a move by placing his or her given colored disc on the board in such a way that it outranks one of the more opposite color discs of the opponent player. A row of discs will be outflanked if the opposite colored discs surround the row of the discs at the end of the board.

A disc has the power to outflank opposite color discs of any number in one or more than rows in any possible direction. It can be vertical, horizontal, or even diagonal. This can be explained better with an example, say for example a white disc is placed on the board which creates a line containing black discs in between and two white discs at the end.  Discs can also be outflanked as the result of a move but the key here is to ensure that the disc falls in the line of the disc being played.  In case you are unable to outflank any opponent’s disc then you will have to pass your turn but in case you have a move you cannot give up your turn voluntarily.

In case a player is out of discs but has moved, then the opponent must provide the player a disc to outflank the opponent’s disc or discs.

How does Othello- the reversi game come to an end?

The lack of movement in discs causes the game to end. The discs on the board are counted after that and the player with the most number of colored discs on the board wins the game. Although, a tie is also a possible outcome and quite common in a game of Othello and both the colored discs will have the same numbers. 

Is there any time limit while playing Othello?

Even though one can play without a time limit, adding a time limit adds more pressure to the game making the game quite interesting and fun. The time will start ticking when a player has to make a move and will be paused every time the player makes a move and then the opponent’s time will start ticket while making the move. Time limits can vary from 5 minutes to 30 minutes depending on how much pressure you want to add to a game.

Where to play Othello on the internet?

Now that you have gained information about Othello enough o play a session or two of the game on the internet, we are now going to talk about why you should consider playing Othello on the internet. Let’s just start with the game being available on the internet, which ensures utmost convenience and ease. You won’t have to travel anywhere to enjoy a session of Othello because all you need is an electronic device and a stable internet connection. The game is available on a lot of websites but you need to select the one which is the most reliable and trustworthy. 

Now that you know how interesting and thrilling the game is, you should give this reversi game a try because it won’t disappoint you. All you have to do is make the right moves and make your board don the color of your disc.

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