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Escape From Tarkov Just Had A Major Update, Including An Offline Co-op Mode & New Bosses 


Escape from Tarkov has just received another wipe. What can players expect from the newest major update?   

Players might find that their Escape from Tarkov accounts has been wiped again. The wipe was implemented when Patch, bringing along many new major features that gamers will surely enjoy. From new NPC bosses to a new offline mode, EFT’s latest update brings much more exciting content for Raiders.  

New Rogue Bosses 

A lot of gamers might encounter new foes during their excursions. Three new Rogue bosses have been added to the game, and these ex-USEC PMC commanders pack severe heat. Players can engage with these bosses to gain decent Tarkov items. Here are the newest elite NPCs in EFT: 

  • Big Pipe – a burly and fully bearded goon who uses a Milkor m32 40mm-six-shot revolver-type handheld grenade launcher. This Rogue prefers to get closer to Raiders to get a better shot with his explosives. 
  • Birdeye – carrying an RSASS, 5.56 caliber weapon, and an ax, Birdeye stays his distance from enemies to set up ambushes that are lethal to unsuspecting Raiders. 
  • Knight – the Squad Leader of the three bosses, Knight covers his face with a skull while carrying a SCAR-H. This Rogue coordinates assaults against enemies. (It has been reported that the skull headgear is lootable and wearable) 

While fighting any boss can be difficult, these elite NPCs add an extra layer of difficulty due to their coordination. These Rogues maintain constant communication with each other and will respond accordingly to any reports, and will use every weapon in their arsenal to help each other when attacked. Players will have difficulty fighting these units if they get spotted early in the fight.  

The three bosses will generally spawn in either Lighthouse, Shoreline, Woods, or Customs. These units are not static and will roam near their spawn zones in undetermined paths. They’re also aggressive to anyone regardless of their factions.  

New Co-op Mode 

A new game mode will be available for players who bought the pre-order edition of the Edge of Darkness. Unlike regular raids where gamers form small groups of combatants, the new game mode allows players to group with 11 Raiders. These large squads will undergo incursions to battle Scavengers and their corresponding bosses. 

The cooperative model allows Raiders to practice playing in large groups and test guns and strategies. Unfortunately, progress in this type of campaign is not saved, and nothing is lost upon death. Players should note that this game mode is not yet in its final version and will include new features later.  

New Guns and Customizations 

Other than the two major features, several more minor content has been added to the game. New guns have been added to Tarkov’s growing arsenal. Here are the latest firearms in the game: 

  • Benelli M3 Super 90 Shotgun 
  • Accuracy International AXMC Sniper Rifle 
  • MP-18 Single-Shot Rifle 
  • RD-704 Assault Rifle 
  • SAG AK Carbine 
  • HK G36 Assault Rifle 
  • MGL M32A1 Revolver Grenade Launcher 
  • Several new equipment and items 

Here are the guns that received some reworks and additional modifications: 

  • MP-133 and MP9 Animations 
  • SV-98 Model, Animations, and Modifications 


Aside from these additional contents, the latest update has patched some fixes to several glitches and bugs in the game. These hotfixes aim to improve the quality of life in Tarkov. Here are all the latest troubleshoots: 

  • Sound effects of active headsets no longer remain after offline raids. 
  • A perk icon for Hand Stamina has been added. 
  • Cultists Knife no longer fully charges when looted from a killed player. 
  • Resolved the issue regarding prices with five or more characters for items that occupy 1 or 2 space cells 
  • A sorting table button has been added to the mail and task reward screens. 
  • The AGS projectile trajectory is no longer affected when the scope is moved. 
  • Shooting through the metal bars on The Lab no longer reduces damage. 
  • Resolved the issue regarding body dynamics after death in certain areas in the Lighthouse 
  • The issue where the Next button disappears after returning to the faction selection screen from other tabs has been fixed. 
  • MS2000 Markers no longer stay in the air after placing it 
  • Switching from fullscreen mode to borderless mode has been optimized. 
  • Resolved the incorrect window size for 1920×1080 Windows Mode 
  • The vision of stationary weapons is no longer blocked when using a Helmet-mounted flashlight. 
  • Camera movement is no longer erratic when picking up items while prone. 
  • The aiming accuracy for the TOZ KS-23M carbine has been adjusted. 
  • Resolved the issue regarding Rogues appearing erratically behind stationary weapons 
  • Fixed the issue where the sort direction indicator changes places when re-entering the Flea Market 
  • The weapon size of the 7.62×51 20-round magazine for the FN SCAR-H has increased by one slot. 
  • The hideout image no longer overlaps with the menu background when changing the background in the Hideout. 
  • Resolved the low graphics setting of the Highcom Trooper TFO icon 
  • Resolved the incorrect icon anti-aliasing for oversized items inside the stash 
  • Character textures no longer become distorted when queueing into a raid. 
  • Fixed Tagilla’s incorrect patrol route during the night in the Factory 
  • Optimized the lack of wet asphalt effect with SSR enables in areas on the Lighthouse. 
  • Added inertia when tapping strafe keys 
  • Resolved the shooting behaviors of bots while using revolvers 
  • Weapon stat penalties for revolver ammos are now displayed correctly. 
  • Resolves Tagilla’s erratic positioning during combat 
  • Players Scavs with a reputation above 6.0 no longer aggros Killa. 
  • Resolved the folded and unfolded state of weapons being displayed in the stash 
  • Removed the chance of bot hands freezing 
  • USEC players will now automatically aggro Rogues who they killed in previous raids 
  • Resolved the issue regarding inertia calculations that enable Raiders to bypass or reduce it 
  • Resolved the issue where ammo loaded into magazines disappears during a raid after finishing a previous incursion 
  • Fixed the issue where inventory operations will be blocked after using weapons looted from slain Scavs 
  • Fixed issue where airdrop containers freeze in midair or land inaccessible to players 
  • Resolved the overly bright lighting of characters when arriving in an area  

Patch is now up and running in live servers. These new sources of Tarkov items will excite many players for the latest wipe. Raiders should make the most out of this season before the next reset.

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