GamesChoosing the Right Gaming Desk for You

Choosing the Right Gaming Desk for You


Choosing the Right Gaming Chair for You

Meeting Your Needs as They Change

Starting with the basics, this guide will continue on to cover more advanced topics in desktop gaming. We’ll cover just how you can make it yours!

What to Expect on your Gaming Desk

Mode for Multiple Players: Before you start thinking about installing an extra display in front of your main computer (and tripling the work surface space, we won’t judge if you do), or just want to record some gameplay footage with a voiceover analyst; either way make sure that all needs are met before buying anything else! You don’t need a multi-display setup unless one monitor can be used for two different purposes. AND, should you decide to get one, we strongly recommend getting a third-party hardware controller and an additional build if that’s what your budget allows.

Setting Your Desk Up: We can’t talk about gamer setups without talking about your desk space first!

Size & Weight for your Gaming Desk

Get a gaming desk that is comfortable for you. Once picked out, the placement of where it will stand can be an issue if not chosen properly!

Size Does Matter: It is important to make sure that it will fit into the room you have before purchasing and be at a height suitable for sitting. Bounce testing your desk will determine if it’s sturdy enough or too much so, considering how large gaming desks are getting in recent years.

Weight capacity: Depending on the desk type, weight capacities range from 300 lbs to 1000lbs. If you intend to set up a stationary rig that is more than 100lb in total, then getting overkill 500lbs would be better suited as it would need only one layer of wood before upping anchor and fighting gravity!

The Build/Design: Depending on whether it’s an all-in-one setup like most gaming desks we review, your tastes , home setup and budget will all determine the final design, style and material. For instance if you have a limited space then making an ‘all-in-one’ desk with fewer designs to choose from is preferable.

Newer brands are often geared towards their modern school of all in one PC, while older gaming desks may be found on sale for a much cheaper price!

Choose Your Glass: Many like to use glass in their desks as it look nicer and allows them to see more clearly than plastic or metal frames. If this is the way that you choose go ahead with no trouble at all, however we usually recommend against doing so as heat from your computer may cause. Materials for Your Gaming Desk: These are the main things you’ll want to pay attention to in your desk. Make sure that they are strong, and should be available if lost or stolen (aluminum desks with sturdy feet). To accommodate a gaming chair near the glass, this may need to include additional components such as an aluminum bar behind it keeping your shoulder from pain while glued into place!

The Dark Side of the Desk: Another aspect of consideration is what part of desktop will be looking out into space, and what will be hidden away. Generally you’ll want to keep all the electrical parts of your desk well-hidden with a black cover so as not to cause distractions during gameplay! Included in these parts could include things such as an audio interface or keyboards / mice that are on wheels sometimes though we highly recommend using stable desks if possible (the kind made specifically for gamers!).

Assembly, DIY

Ergonomics & the Healthiest Desk Possible

You’ll want to make yourself an ergonomic work area, this can include placing your desk with things such as a monitor and keyboard or searching for the best posture around gaming. With time spent sitting still at the computer from playing games you may suffer from issues such as back pain and neck strain which could be prevented by adjusting the desk for your needs! While at the same time, having a stable workplace that is enough to support you can also prevent other problems such as carpel tunnel syndrome.


Q: Should I get an adjustable height or fixed height gaming desk?

A: Adjustable desk heights are more common today however fixed height desks often can be adjusted to allow the desktop to stay firmly in place. The main thing is if your space allows since they’ll not look as good abandoned on top of and behind furniture sets, so you have to weigh up whether this will become an issue before making a purchase decision

Q: Which brand of gaming desks is best, and why?

A: Choosing the best gaming desk is highly subjective as you’ll have to choose based on practicalities specific to your own home or workspace. We suggest choosing one with extra storage if you are interested in gaming as an afterthought or one that is ergonomically designed mainly because it’ll suit your needs. If comfort and performance to be the main role of a while gaming setup then consider getting something more geared towards this.

Q: How much does a gaming desk cost?

A: The prices of specialist gaming desks are highly dependant on the costs of materials, production and marketing. In general you can expect to spend between $200-$800 USD for a desk depending on brand name and it’s specifications.

Q: Is it better to buy a pre-assembled or custom-built gaming desk?

A: Most people are in the middle or preferring on buying a pre-built gaming desk because this can take out some of the costs that you would be incurring from building your own. If however, you’ve got specific needs such as storing large amounts of accessories and games plus having a space which allows for ergonomic positioning then it’s better to go with something custom.


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