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Best free mobile strategy games


With the latest technological developments, portability is now much more feasible for many things and activities, such as our smartphones. Along with this situation, new ways of entertainment have emerged, including video-games, which is great news for all the avid players around there. Now, you can test your skills without having to wait until you can get home and turn your console on: while you are waiting for a meeting, on the bus, during a short break at school or work, you name it! The control is in your hands, literally. As strategy games are some of the most demanded by players from all over the world, and there is no such a thing as too many of them, we have created a list with the titles of the best mobile strategy games open to the public. So, continue reading and get ready to have so much fun on the go.

Clash of Clans by Supercell

A famous barbarian adventure game that involves many aspects of in-depth strategy, for example the ability to build your own city, your army and Real-Time Strategy, with the ultimate goal of crushing your enemies. There is the opportunity of joining a clan aiming to become stronger against the opponents, or you can also create and strengthen your own empire, with the option of inviting your friends to join. You will have many ways to attack clans of players from all around the globe with a huge variety of spells and troops. A great feature in this game is that you can put your skills to test by competing in the Clan War Leagues.

Void Tyrant

The challenge in this game is to save the galaxy by facing one-on-one fights against many terrible adversaries. You will find yourself acquiring many kinds of skills and weapons as you advance in the game. If you are easily bothered by the ads when playing, you can pay a charge and get the ads-free upgrade, otherwise it is a great game to explore for free.

Politics & War

This is our go to when it comes to strategy building games. If you like massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, you should definitely take the chance to play this strategic game. After all you can play it for free, with both friends and strangers and it has an incredible setting. You will be able to build and rule your nation entirely under your own terms and convictions. Waging war or working together with other countries is up to you, as you will be the chief.

Bounty Hunter Space Lizard

The unique context of this action-based game is a lizard who lives in a van and was abandoned by his lover, plus has a leak on his spacesuit. Then, his goal (and yours as the player) is to become a bounty hunter, as the title suggests. This fun game requires a significant level of strategic skills, contrary to what many players think at first sight. If you want to give this sci-fi a chance, get prepared to experience a great adventure across the 20 levels offered.

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