FoodThe Mazatapec Mushroom: An Ancient Psilocybe Cubensis

The Mazatapec Mushroom: An Ancient Psilocybe Cubensis


Mazatapec has a rich history similar to that of the Mexican Psilocybe cubensis. It originated in Mexico and South America, where indigenous people of the land used it for their spiritual healing and medicinal purposes.

When the mushroom came into the hands of scientists, they studied the mushroom and cultivated it. Now, we can easily find them in dispensaries. In addition, people become aware of how Mazatapec mushrooms look and how they work and affect our bodies.

Mazatapec is now one of the “OG” mushrooms that regular users have on their list of favourite shrooms. But it’s also a great choice that beginners must experience.

However, before we know more about the mushroom, it is essential to understand that it is illegal to buy, sell, and use magic mushrooms or psychedelic drugs. So, be careful when buying online or using them. Always be discreet.


Mazatapec is found anywhere in the world where they live in the dung of large animals. It has the nutrients that support what they need for it to grow well. However, you can cultivate these strains at home when you follow the proper requirements.

The Mazatapec magic mushrooms are similar to almost all cubensis mushrooms, except for the Penis Envy strain. It has long, whitish stems with some orange or blue speckles. Meanwhile, the cap is brown and round.

They have a unique texture when eaten. The dried mushroom is crunchy, while the fresh mushroom seems sticky. The best way is to add them to your smoothie or use them as toppings to hide the mushroom taste.

You’ll notice that dried Mazatapec shrooms have a greenish or bluish spot. It is usual for these mushrooms to have bruises as it happens due to transportation, harvest, and storage.

Why Try Mazatapec Mushroom?

The active ingredient, psilocybin, will break down into psilocin once in the body. Psilocin will then start to produce the effects people experience when they get high.

You can take your Mazatapec mushroom in any way you prefer.

If you want to get positive results like mood enhancement, increased creativity, etc., without hallucinations, you can use the microdoses of Mazatapec.

However, you can also enjoy your mushrooms recreationally or spiritually. It means you have to increase your intake to the amount that will give you the effect you are looking to experience.

Mazatapec for Recreational Use

The Mazatec tribe often uses magic mushrooms to bond or enjoy time with their community. So, you can choose this shroom to use recreationally with friends and family.

It will give you a sense of connection to people around you, so you start to open up. Then, you will slowly begin to contemplate things in life without consciously thinking. Finally, you’ll just let ideas or thoughts flow in your mind.

When taking Mazatapec magic mushroom for recreational use, make sure you have the correct dose. The recreational amount is not too high. It is often around 2 to 3.5 g.

Aside from staying in the safe zone or dose, do not mix your mushrooms with alcohol and never drive while taking a mushroom.

Make sure to keep it in one place for 6 hours or more since the mushroom lasts longer depending on the dose and metabolism of the person.

Mazatapec for Spiritual Use

To use Mazatapec for spiritual use, you need to prepare yourself for this experience. Preparation is essential to prevent bad trips or negative experiences.

You must have the right set and setting when taking the mushroom. Set is preparing your mind for what you will be going to encounter.

You have to stay relaxed and set a goal to know where you need to focus your mind. But of course, let your mind go wherever it does when you have the trip. It’s better not to take too much control of it.

On the other hand, the setting is finding a place to make you feel more comfortable. The best option is to choose your home or a relaxing site.

Also, make sure to find someone who will be with you during the journey. A trip sitter is someone sober who will guide you during the difficult part of your journey.

Then, you are ready to start your experience.

A spiritual high gives you an experience of extreme euphoria, a sense of connection, changes in thought patterns, ego-death, intensely visual and auditory sensation, a more personal and deep insight, etc.

Not everyone will get to experience a good trip. Some users may also have nausea, vomiting, anxiety, or panic. That’s why you need to prepare yourself.

Guide to Dosage

It is crucial to know the dosage of Mazatapec mushroom. This is because the dose of a mushroom can influence how you will experience your trip. However, you can adjust your amount according to your preference and tolerance.

Regular shroom users are experts in adjusting the dose they use. However, beginners should start low and increase the amount when needed.

Beginner’s guide:

  • 01 to 0.25 grams: There are no hallucinations. It can be part of a daily routine.
  • 25 to 1 gram (a light dose): Recreational dose
  • 1 to 2.5 grams (medium dose): Recreational use
  • 5 to 3.5 (strong dose): Recreational or spiritual dose
  • 5 and above (heavy dose): Spiritual experience

Mazatapec is not extremely potent, so it’s good to start with a light dose for your first time.

How to Grow Mazatapec

Mazatapec mushrooms are not picky growers so beginners can have fun with this one. You can use grow kits or start from a spore. Mazatapec produces significant flushes, but they are slow growers.

However, even if these mushrooms are not picky, they can still be affected by the wrong temperature, contaminations, etc.


Experience how the Mazatec tribe connects with their surroundings using the OG psilocybe cubensis, Mazatapec. Get in touch with yourself by letting go of your ego with a spiritual dose. Or, you can use it to boost your creativity and mood by microdosing.

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