FoodHow to smoke your ribs for the best results


How to smoke your ribs for the best results

BBQ smoking is one of the most difficult cooking methods to master. It’s not that it’s hard to understand, but there are many variables to bbq smoking that can easily spoil your bbq ribs if you’re not careful. Temperature control is essential for bbq ribs and bbq pork. If your bbq temperature fluctuates too much, you will never get the tender bbq ribs or bbq pulled pork that you desire. Fortunately, with only a few basic tools and some patience, anyone can make great smoked bbq ribs at home.

Here is How to smoke your ribs for the best results:

  • Smoking meat low and slow over indirect heat (no coals directly under the meat) is the best way to achieve tender bbq ribs or bbq pork. Low bbq heat can be maintained on a bbq pit by using charcoal briquettes, bbq wood chips, chunks, bbq smoker boxes or an outdoor bbq propane smoker. Avoid bbq gas smokers because they cannot produce the same smoky flavor that smoking over indirect heat on a bbq pit provides.
  • Large amounts of smoke are required to turn ordinary meat into smoked bbq ribs and bbq pulled pork. Fuel is fed to the fire through small holes in the firebox so that heat will not escape your bbq pit while you are burning fuel during cooking. The most important part of this process is achieving a balance between bbq heat and bbq smoke. If you do not see bbq smoke coming out of the bbq smoker, it is too cold to bbq ribs.
  • The bbq temperature for basting your bbq ribs or bbq pork should be at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit, but no higher than 225 F. When you are smoking meat low and slow, it may seem like there is not enough heat to cook your bbq ribs or baste your bbq pulled pork properly. However, the low bbq temperature will help the meat retain moisture while cooking so that it comes out tender and tasty every time you make smoked bbq ribs or smoked pulled pork.
  • Another key bbq smoking tip for basting bbq ribs or basting bbq pulled pork is to baste the meat every 45 minutes with bbq sauce. This will prevent the bbq rub from becoming too dry and help baste the meat with flavor throughout cooking.
  • If your bbq smoker has water pan (most do), leave it in place throughout most of bbq rib cooking time. The water pan helps maintain proper humidity around the bbq ribs so they come out tender and juicy rather than tough and dry. The water should be refilled at least once during bbq rib cooking time to prevent drying of the skin on top of the ribs, which is preferred when you are smoking ribs.
  • Use bbq mops as bbq basting sauce for basting bbq ribs, basting bbq pork and basting bbq chicken. Mops can be bought at any grocery store or bbq supply store. They are a form of a wet baste that is applied to meat during cooking with a long handled brush. You can also use the same bbq sauce you plan to serve your guests on top of the ribs just before serving.
  • In order to protect yourself from food-borne illness, ensure that all meat products reach an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit for fresh pork or 160 F for smoked pulled pork or bbq ribs before serving. These temperatures will kill bacteria present in any undercooked bbq ribs basted with bbq sauce and bbq pulled pork that you plan to bbq. Because meat continues to bbq even after it has been removed from the bbq pit, you should factor in an extra 20 degrees F for fresh bbq ribs and 40 degrees F for smoked bbq ribs. This means your basted bbq ribs will reach 165 degrees F (74 C) after they have finished cooking on the smoker or grill.
  • At last place your BBQ safe using BBQ covers which are easily available in the market for same cooking on next use.


Smoking bbq ribs and basting bbq pulled pork is a bbq art that takes practice to perfect. In order to bbq baste bbq ribs properly, you must bbq basting sauce every 45 minutes while basting bbq ribs and bbq basting bbq pulled pork. You should baste bbq ribs to keep them moist, bbq basting bbq pulled pork to add layers of flavor and bbq basting bbq ribs every 45 minutes.

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