FoodHow to deal with binge eating?


How to deal with binge eating?

We all have been through the journey of binge eating. Perhaps it was when your mother cooked your favorite meal, or when you strove to find comfort in the pizza that you ordered.

However, if binge eating is a constant in your life, then you need to address this problem. Binge eating may be a sign of mental health problems, but it also leads to physical health issues as well. You can learn how to stop emotional eating forever with the help of a nutrition coach.

When you frequently indulge in binge eating, you are at a risk of obesity. This then leads to not only the risk of chronic health problems like heart disease and diabetes that requires the intervention of the Best Internal Medicine Specialist in Karachi, but it also causes added mental turmoil as well, perpetuating the condition.

Hence, it is pertinent that you address the problem of binge eating at the beginning. Some things to do in this regard include:

Diets that don’t work need to go

It may be the case that you take up diets frequently to cater to the problem of obesity. However, when you do restrictive diets, it poses the risk of you falling off the bandwagon. It then increases the chances of binge eating.

Therefore, do not opt for the restrictive diets. They might promise rapid weight loss, instant transformation, and a quick fix to your problems. However, you should know that nothing in life comes easy. Ironically, these restrictive diets might be counter intuitive; they increase the chances of you binge eating, thereby promote unhealthy eating habits.

Instead, look for sustainable weight loss efforts. Opt for ways that are slow, and yet steady.

Drink up

Water is required by the body for essential processes and can also help you prevent binge eating as well. Drinking water gets your stomach full so it prevents the pangs and resultant eating fest.

Moreover, when you drink water with and during meals, it also helps your stomach to be full, so you then do not overeat. Being hydrated can also curb food cravings as well.

Mindful eating

One way to curb the instinct to binge eat is by eating mindfully. Basically, mindful eating calls for being present in the moment, focusing on the food, its texture, its taste.

It then helps in preventing binge eating as it also aids in getting satiety.

Starving isn’t helpful

If you starve yourself in the hopes that you eat less, thus consume less calories, but that is not a good strategy. Depriving is never the answer, especially when you are already struggling with binge eating disorder.

Since it makes your body need nutrition, so when you starve yourself, hunger has an impact on your energy levels and mood. And then a time will come that your resolve will snap. You will then fall into the trap of binge eating.

You might continue with this cycle of starving, only to binge in the food, especially at night, which is even worse.

To prevent this from occurring, you need to take small meals at regular intervals. Never miss breakfast; eat protein early in the day, so that you have satiety and energy.

Take more fiber

Fiber adds bulk to the diet, without adding extra calories. So, when you eat more fiber, you then get full quickly. Moreover, fiber also ensures that your digestive system works better. Best sources of fiber are fruits and vegetables alongside wholemeal grains.

When you eat more processed food, you’re more likely to overeat. Not only is sugary and processed food packed with calories, but these also affect your gut bacteria as well. Such foods also cause sugar spikes, followed by sugar crash, that then leads to cravings, thereby starting a cycle of binge eating.

Lack of adequate fiber can also lead to digestive health problems, and issues like constipation which may be severe enough to merit treatment from the Internal Medicine specialist in Lahore.

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