FoodBest Seafood Restaurants in Melbourne

Best Seafood Restaurants in Melbourne


If you’re looking for the best seafood in Melbourne, then look no further! We put together a list of ten dishes that will make your mouth water, and you won’t be disappointed. All of these places offer seafood delivery in Melbourne, or if you prefer to dine in you can find them on a Google map nearby. If it’s not too late to order dinner tonight, why don’t we start with number 10?

The first place on our list is The Fishmonger, located at 182 Bay St Port Melbourne. This seafood restaurant provides some of the best seafood dishes in town and even offers seafood delivery Melbourne! One dish you won’t want to miss out on is their fresh grilled fish with red chimichurri sauce served with sauteed vegetables. Or if you are looking for something different then they have a selection of oysters which were awarded as one of the top 30 restaurants in Australia by Gourmet Traveller Magazine. They offer free shipping when ordering online so what do you think? If that doesn’t convince you then see what other people who live near your location had to say about this place:

The Fishmonger is one of our favorite places to order seafood online in Melbourne because they provide both amazing foods along with quick delivery service! You can’t go wrong! If you’re still hungry for more great dishes then check out their menu today. Right now we’ve saved the best for last so let’s head on over to number nine: Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant located at 193 Bay St Port Melbourne. This place offers some incredible seafood dishes that will leave your mouth watering. One of the most popular dishes is their seafood platter for two which comes with many different types of seafood including oysters, scallops, and prawns! This dish also includes a side salad to make it even more delicious. If you’re not in the mood for an entree then try out their parmigiana where they use fresh fish fillets topped with cheese & ham served on fries or mash potato – delish!

Omeros Bros Seafood Restaurant has some incredible food that will have your mouth dropping from the amazing flavours alone so be sure to order online here if this sounds like something you are interested in today! We hope these dishes have given you some inspiration and we hope that this list has helped you in your decision when searching for the best seafood restaurant near me. If you’re still struggling to find a place then no need to worry! We’ve saved the best for last so let’s head on over to number one: The Boathouse Wine & Grill located at Shop 22, 19 – 23 Bay St Port Melbourne.

This is by far our favourite spot if you are looking for seafood dishes with incredible flavour. They also offer an amazing wine menu which pairs perfectly with their different dishes including oysters of course! This restaurant offers white or red wines from Yarra Valley Vineyards which are both locally sourced here in Australia so it makes them extra special. One dish you won’t want to miss out on is their seafood platter which comes with everything you could ever imagine including oysters, prawns, and scallops. They also have one of the best steak dishes in town – be sure to try it if that’s your thing!

When searching for Seafood Restaurants Near Me, do not hesitate any longer because this place will satisfy all your cravings! If seafood isn’t really what you are interested in then they have a great range of other options as well such as chicken or beef meals depending on what sounds good at the time. Be sure to order online here today before someone else does.

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